I had an abortion two months ago.

By anonymous on 30/03/2014
I had an abortion two months ago. I had unprotected sex on the 18th of January and my period was supposed to come on 24th but it didn't.
I'm 21 unemployed and my boyfriend is unemployed too. I really wanted to keep the baby at all cost but my guy's family didn't want anything to do with me or my baby and being a single mum was out of the question. I was threatened by his family.
He stood by my side but I couldn't take the emotional turmoil anymore. On the 4th of February, I had a medical abortion. The pregnancy was roughly two weeks and three days. I became depressed afterwards but I really dont regret it that much. The abortion made me realise how much I wanted a baby.
I believe that when the time is right, I'll have wanted and planned kids and give them the best in life. I can't help feeling sad and depressed sometimes. I miss my baby so much. I know I made the right decision but I can't help feeling bad sometimes. I never knew I'd be in this position ever in my life. Is it possible for life to get back to normal after this? Is there hope for me? I'm so so sad.

Editor's Comment

It is sad that you were under such pressure from your boyfriend's family. I don't think anyone should have to make a decision like this under pressure from other people. You sound as though you are struggling with your emotions as though your heart is telling you it is grieving for the loss, even though your head says it was the right decision. I think that some post abortion counselling would help you to get your life back on track, and work through the sadness you feel at the moment. Please log into Online advisor or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999 so that we can find some post abortion support in your area.

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