I had a medical termination on Saturday.

By anonymous on 07/04/2014
I had a medical termination on Saturday.
I went for the 1st pill but spat it out twice, 3rd time I swallowed it. Sunday morning I put the misoprostol x4 in, but by 11am I was in a/e as my placenta had blocked my cervix and I was in shock, dangerously ill, doctors had to pull everything out of me along with 2 litres of blood, to save my life. This was done awake with no pain relief as there wasn't time, the pain is the most horrendous thing I have ever faced, even after 2 previous difficult long births. Later Sunday evening I felt something come out... I looked and there was my perfectly formed 8+5 week old baby staring up at me with perfectly formed arms, legs fingers, clean and perfect, I am totally destroyed :-( I no longer deserve to breathe, I should have bled to death, I wish I had, I will not live with this. I have 2 daughters 16 and 6 but I cannot go on, please be careful of the dangers, I nearly died and had to suffer doctors putting instruments inside my open cervix whilst awake with no pain relief, Karma I believe...... I can't/won't live with this any longer.

Editor's Comment

This was a very distressing experience for you, and it sounds as though you struggled with your decision to take the medication. I would ask you to contact someone and get some help. I can hear that you are desperate, but your daughters and I am sure friends and family, would be devastated if you are not there for them. Please call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, or log into Online advisor for someone to talk to, and for support.

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