I had an early medical abortion at 7 weeks and 6 days gestation.

I had an early medical abortion at 7 weeks and 6 days gestation. I already have a baby who is 8 months old and im only 19 ,I found out I was pregnant early on but had to wait two weeks for a doctor's appointment and another 3 days for my first hospital appointment.
I went to the hospital on Friday and had the first tablet and had to return on Easter Sunday for the second set of tablets. It was horrible and not an easy decision to make. On my second visit to the hospital I passed the fetus then five minutes before I was free to go I passed the placenta (well so the nurse had said). I got home about 3.30 pm and was very weak and passing a lot of clots I was changing my towel every 10 minutes.
I started to feel really unwell about 5pm and fainted in my house.My boyfriend called an ambulance who took me to my nearest hospital where I fainted again. Still passing lots of clots and heavily bleeding I was examined by a doctor who had said there was still lots of placenta in my womb which could be causing me to feel the way I did. I was kept in hospital overnight and was sent home on Easter Monday at 12pm to be told that I would pass the placenta at home. I am really worried as I have a young baby and scared I won't be able to care for him the way I should as my partner has to go back to work in a few days.
I have not yet got upset about the procedure. Does this make me a bad person as I really feel horrible for not yet being upset about it?

Editor's Comment

You have got a lot to do with looking after your 8 month old baby, and you may not have been able to process your own emotions yet. It is not uncommon to block things out that are emotionally painful, until it feels a bit safer to look at them and process them without feeling that you are going to 'fall apart'. I would advise you to be kind to yourself, give yourself time to recover, and then if you need some post abortion support it is available. for post abortion support.
This story was sent in on 21/04/2014

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