I recently experienced a surgical abortion

By anonymous on 22/04/2014
I recently experienced a surgical abortion with the BPAS clinic in Richmond. Here is my story.

I first found out about my pregnancy from a test at home. Immediately I went to my local clinic to discuss the situation with them. They took some details and told me they think I was around 11 weeks pregnant. This immediately shook me, as it seemed quite far along and immediately limited my options. The doctor referred me to BPAS, making the appointment for me on the phone. I was given an appointment for 5 days time.

During this time I deliberated constantly over what I was doing, but ultimately decided a termination was the correct choice.

I attended the BPAS clinic in Richmond for my appointment, which was at 10:45 am. When I arrived I was told to go round the side of the building for a consultation. I walked in and was given a clipboard with a form, asking a few general questions regarding my health and various other things. I sat in the waiting room for a short amount of time before being taken in by a nurse and asked more of the same. She informed me, as it was my first pregnancy, they might have to give me a pill to soften my cervix, and because of the time this takes, it may have already been too late in the day. She told me this wasn't definite, and to wait for my scan.

Next, a nurse brought me through to another room. There she did a finger prick test, and started an ultrasound on my stomach. She told me she couldn't see anything and would have to do a vaginal scan instead. After about 10 minutes, the nurse told me she still couldn't see anything and wanted a doctor's opinion. Again. I was told they couldn't see anything. At this point, they referred me to hospital over fear of ectopic pregnancy.

After a long and stressful few days at the hospital, being told many different things, they finally asked me to return a week later to rescan. When I did this, they told me they could finally see small signs, and booked me another appointment at BPAS for a week after that.

Eventually, my appointment came, this time at 10am. I entered the clinic and was seen by a nurse almost immediately. She did ANOTHER scan, finding out I was actually 5 weeks and 6 days gone. She then asked me to go back to the waiting room. Before long, I went to another room and was asked to pick what type of sandwich I wanted after the surgery and told a few things (how long it takes, recovery etc). At this point I was told my boyfriend would not be able to join me at any point which distressed me quite a bit.

Once calmed down, another nurse asked me to sign some documents agreeing to general anaesthetic and the risks involved. I became quite upset and frightened but was comforted greatly.

15 minutes later spent in the waiting room, I was called by a nurse. She took me upstairs to a changing room where I was given a bag for my clothes and a gown to change into. They forgot to give me slippers (but had given them to all the other girls) which dismayed me. Once changed, they led me into a room next to the theatre where they put the needle in my arm and laid me down. I was wheeled into theatre, and almost immediately was given the anaesthetic. I started feeling an intense pain, which I was trying to tell the doctor about, but the medicine was taking hold and I fell asleep mid-panic.

I woke up in a small room with 3 other ladies and 2 nurses. I was given a painkiller, some water and some magazines. I felt some pain, but a lot less then I thought. The nurses were attentive and lovely, playing dim music and making sure we all had what we needed.

Soon after, one of the lovely nurses walked me to get changed and collect my things and sat me in another recovery room, this time with a TV, tables and chairs. I was given my sandwich and choice of tea, coffee or water. After a long wait (I was told they were switching over nurses, but I was left another 20 minutes after all the other girls had gone) I was taken to a doctor's room.

Here, they tried to send me away with a contraceptive pill which I specifically had asked not to have, which then caused another time block as they tried to get my prescription changed to another pill. I was also given my antibiotics and some papers. I finally left the clinic at about 4pm.

Since then I have had minimal pain and minimal bleeding and am able to continue on quite normally. I will say I had a few small issues but overall BPAS were understanding and lovely. Thank you for making the situation a little less difficult.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a surgical abortion. It is good that you received a caring and professional service, and are making a good recovery.

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