I have just had a abortion. Here's my story.

By anonymous on 01/05/2014
I have just had a abortion. Here's my story. Been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years very happy.. in fact I couldn't be more happier. Found out I was pregnant in March 2014 after feeling sick, sore boobs and just not being or feeling my self. Got a pregnancy test thinking to myself nooo you can't be. With my boyfriend waiting downstairs for the result. I sat staring then 2 lines came up. Positive. I started to cry knowing its not what I wanted. And knowing if I told my boyfriend he would for sure want me to keep it. So I ran the other test under the tap and showed it to him. He was gutted. But I knew what was best for me. I texted my best friend telling her. And me saying I know what I want. She was so supportive, couldn't have done it without her. But knowing I was lying to my boyfriend hurt me so much. So the next morning I rang the gp and got an appointment for the following week. I arrived started to cry saying I can't go through with having a baby at 20 years old. She booked me an appointment at the hospital, which had taken another week. So another week past and eventually I got my appointment.

17th april..dreading the appointment me and my best friend went together. I had a scan which showed I was 6 week+3 days gone. I had blood tests and I had swabs taken then got sent back to the waiting room. The nurse was so lovely, made me feel so much better, I wasn't being judged which I was scared about.
Then my name was called again to make the final appointment for the termination. My appointment was booked for the following week on a friday.. the appointment for a medical abortion was the friday to take the first pill which stops the fetus from developing. Then I had to return 2 days after for 4 pessaries to be inserted. So I went home thinking all this will be over next week and I can get back to my normal active self.

That was until my work wouldn't give me the time off so I had to rearrange my 2 appointments again with the hospital for the week after that. I had terrible morning sickness I couldn't keep anything down. So I struggled through the week. Then eventually it was time for my first tablet. Got to the hospital they asked me a few questions and gave me the tablet. They asked me to wait around for 20mins just in case I had a reaction to the tablet. Which I didn't. Thank god!! .. anyhow.. that day at work I felt fine. And the day after I felt fine.
Then I woke up this morning its time for my abortion I was so scared I didn't know what to do with myself I didn't know what to expect. After reading all the horrible stories. So I got to the hospital at 8.30 this morning the nurses was absolutely amazing!!! She asked me to get changed into a gown and to relax while she inserted the pessaries in. I felt fine until 20mins later awful awful period type pain . Hurt so much I mean my pain threshold is pretty high but I was struggling. I was offered codeine which I can't have I'm allergic!! So I had gas and air .. life saver!!! Worked and helped so much. I felt to sleep for a bit then woke up needing a wee. I was told to wee into a bedpan cos that's the only way they can tell if it's passed. So I went to the toilet. And I was bleeding but not much. So I covered it up and rang for the nurse to take it away and I got back into bed. Needed a few puffs on the gas and air again. Then fell to sleep again. Woke up about half hour later. Just knew what was coming so I ran to the loo got a bedpan .. and it just fell out was the size of a lemon just plopped into the bedpan and a few more clots came with it .. I felt so relieved and the pain went away.
I called for the nurse again. And she looked and said you've passed. After that I felt alright I was sad but more relieved! The nurse came back in and offered me a snack bag I was starving! .. few hours later she came back in and said when you feel well enough you can go home which I was I felt fine. Before I went I had 4 oral antibiotics and I had one in my bum. Unpleasant but what I'd just been through I didn't care.
So now I'm sat at home eating another sandwich feeling good. Just bleeding a bit but that normal!.. just wanted to share my story. I had a very positive day today I'm so glad it over! Was the best choice for me and 'm glad I did it! .. xxxxx

Editor's Comment

I am glad you are making a good recovery. I am wondering how you are going to handle your relationship with your boyfriend? He obviously means a lot to you and this is a very big secret to keep from him long term. I hope that things work out well for you.

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