Positive medical abortion experience.

By anonymous on 14/05/2014
Positive medical abortion experience. I had a medical abortion at Marie Stopes in Manchester today, starting yesterday. I booked the early morning slots for both to avoid waiting. I was just over 5 weeks. First appointment : was given anti-biotics -high dose including metronidazole , so you really mustn't drink with that one for 48 hours after dose to avoid becoming really ill. Then I took my first pill and went to work . I had no pain, but started light bleeding during the night. I had very gentle cramps, but not even as bad as my period.I was at the centre for 45 mins. Second appointment: arrived at 8am, took tablets, left at 8.30, took my painkillers religiously and it is now 22.15. I've had light to moderate bleeding all day, with gentle cramps, but no sickness or shaking ( and I refused the anti sickness pill to avoid agitation, as that has affected me in the past). I spent the day alone, working from home. So far, so good !! I'm really glad I did it so early on. The staff were lovely and very professional.

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