I have not had my medical abortion yet, but I am booked in for Sunday

By anonymous on 04/06/2014
I have not had my medical abortion yet, but I am booked in for Sunday(today is wed) I just wanted to share my experience so far going through the NHS and waiting times, as I had been panicking about it.
I found I was pregnant last Tuesday, was a shock but as soon as my period was 2 days late I did a test, well 3 in total. I had no symptoms apart from no period and still have no symptoms. I knew straight away I wasn't going to keep it, and booked a doctor's appointment for the following day. The doctor was lovely, very young though, and seemed like she was reading from a script when asking me the mandatory questions. Anyway she referred me to my local hospital for an appointment and scan exactly one week later(today). I think they need to give you this amount of time to really think if it's the right thing for you.

Arrived for my appointment today and went through a medical history with the nurse, she was really lovely, really put my mind at ease, up until that point I was so scared and nervous sitting in the waiting room. I must add you are surrounded by pregnant woman here as it was the same department. Anyway my nurse told me as I was so early I may not show on a scan yet, and if this was the case I would need to come back. This worried me a lot while I waited for the doctor, as this was weighing heavy on my mind, and to be perfectly honest I just want to get it over ASAP. Anyway the doctor did a scan, only took 1 min, thankfully she could see what she described as a tiny bubble. She advised as I was so early she wanted to get me booked in as soon as possible.
I have never been so relieved. She took some blood, told me about the procedure and called the ward to book me in, I'm booked for my first pill on Friday night and completion on Sunday. I also never knew that I would be kept in for roughly the full day on the Sunday, but I am relieved about this as I would rather it happen there than at home.
Anyway my experience so far with the NHS has been great, the nurse and doctor today were fantastic. The thing that had been worrying me the most was waiting times, but you should find that if you are early on like me then after you're scan with doctor they will try and book you in within days. Hopefully all goes as smoothly on Sunday, I'll be sure to share my experience. Hope this helped.

Editor's Comment

The referral procedure sounded very straight forward, and you had the professional treatment from the NHS that is reassuring. Please contact the national helpline if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone, 0300 4000 999.

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