I had a medical abortion 8 weeks ago and it is still incomplete

I had a medical abortion 8 weeks ago and it is still incomplete. I had a tablet which was to be swallowed then returned to the hospital two days later to do the second part of the process. I was asked to insert four tablets close to my cervix and as I was doing so blood went everywhere I also had large clots too. I was also asked to insert an antibiotic pessary into my bottom to prevent infection.

This was the worst thing that has happened in my life

I cried all the way through the process but I was lucky to have my husband with me as support. After two weeks I returned to the hospital for my check up to be told I still have pregnancy tissue attached to my womb. I was told not to worry and to take co amoxiclav, an antibiotic to prevent infection and to return in two weeks to see whether the tissue has expelled from my uterus.
I keep going back to the hospital for internal scans to find the tissue is still there and my last scan I was told if the tissue is still there by next week then I will need surgical intervention which is frightening me. I regret what I have done and I wish I could of turned back time. Abortion is not an easy process and no way a form of contraception. I now just cannot wait for this to be over and done with so I can try and put it to the back of my mind and focus on the future I have with my children.

Editor's Comment

Unfortunately, retained tissue is one of the risks of the early medical abortion, and occasionally a D and C type procedure has to be done to clear the uterus.
It is hard when it is you that has the problem and it drags on for weeks with no resolve.for post abortion support.
This story was sent in on 24/06/2014

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