I had a surgical abortion about 5 weeks ago.

I had a surgical abortion about 5 weeks ago. I found out I was 9 weeks pregnant and I was so shocked because I used the 'morning after' pill and it had always worked before, but before I had taken the test I knew deep down that I was pregnant and a part of me would have been disappointed if I had not been. The thought of bringing a life into this world at 19 in my first year at university and the fact that the father was some guy I was casually seeing seemed so unfair and I knew I was not ready. I never imagined I would ever abort and the decision tore at me so much that I fell apart but never in public always alone in my bed at night. The father of the baby wanted the baby as he comes from an affluent family so do I but I could not bear the thought of disappointing my parents and sister. I was so nervous about the abortion but the support of the baby's father kind of helped me through it. The not knowing and the fear of needles were my biggest fear but as I got to the Marie Stopes centre I spoke to the nurse and she helped me feel at ease. I believe surgical abortion is the best way forward and this pregnancy and abortion occurred at a time of my examinations. I was always so tired and hungry and sleepy too but I got through it and with surgical abortion I was able to bounce back to my studies quickly.

This story was sent in on 17/07/2014

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I had an early surgical abortion.

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