An early medical abortion.

By anonymous on 29/08/2014
After weeks of googling and endless nights of reading medical abortion horror stories, it's safe to say I was pretty nervous! As I was confident with my decision to terminate my pregnancy I was prepared for the emotional pain of the procedure however the thought of the physical pain was causing me more and more anxiety each day but all in all I was worrying over nothing. I went in for my first tablet and was seen to very quickly at a clinic about an hour away on the train from me. I was taken into the medical room and given a scan (because it was very early on in the pregnancy it was hard to see what they needed with a regular ultrasound so I received an internal scan which is nowhere near as scary As it sounds, just a probe into the vagina) after my scan I was asked to read a quick leaflet and then take my first pill and was allowed to leave immediately. The day I went in for my second pill I was extremely nervous! My main concern was the nausea and sickness as I had just about had enough of that during the pregnancy but it wasn't too bad. After taking my pills I got on a train with my friend and waited for the pain which I was certain was going to cripple me in public, but the pain at first was no worse than period pains. I was sick a few times on the train which was more embarrassing than uncomfortable or painful and after I had vomited I felt a LOT better. When I got home I felt well enough to eat and allllllll I could think about was white chocolate so I nibbled some of that while lying on the couch watching come dine with me but I just couldn't relax. Suddenly I had the feeling that I desperately needed the toilet and so I rushed to the loo, when I sat down I could feel blood rushing out like pee which worried me but is completely normal and not in anyway painful, then I heard a plop and realised that I had passed the pregnancy. After that I experienced some quite bad cramps and had the urge to go to the toilet again this time I passed a huge blood clot and after this I felt completely fine and back to normal. Besides some moderately heavy bleeding I am completely fine the day after my medical abortion, nothing to worry about!

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a medical abortion. As you say it's easy to get worried by other people's accounts, and some people obviously have a much more difficult experience. I hope that you recover well both physically and emotionally. Help and support is available if you feel you need to talk to someone, for post abortion support. or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999.

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