Medical Abortion in Glasgow - very positive.

By anonymous on 28/08/2014
Hi guy, around 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and I knew instantly I couldn't keep it(I didn't want it). A few days later I phoned Sandyford and I was given an appointment for the following day for a consultation. My consultation was with a male doctor which threw me a bit! But he couldn't have been nicer. He just asked some general health questions, why I didn't want the baby and what I plan to use as contraception in the future. He then did an ultrasound and confirmed I was 5 and a half weeks pregnant. I didn't see the screen or hear the heart beat or anything. We talked about the different methods ie medical or surgical abortion and he said it would be my choice, they do both no problem. I asked what he would advise and he said medical as you can get that done early next week and for the surgical I'd have to wait another week! So I took his advice and opted for medical. So the following Monday I went back to Sandyford to take the first pill. This was a different doc, a female one, and she just asked if I was sure I still wanted to proceed. I said yes and I then took one tablet. She can also answer any questions you may have about the next stage of the abortion. I had no side effects from the pill, no sickness or anything. So 2 days later I've to go to the southern general at 8am to have the actual abortion. I was nervous, feeling a bit guilty etc. I was quickly shown into a small room with a toilet off it. The nurse came round and gave me 4 pills to insert inside myself and 2 to insert into the back passage. Rest assured this was very easy to do, no problem whatsoever. I was told to use the bed pan whenever I use the toilet(its jus a cardboard thing that collects what you've done). And to just hit my button(it's like a buzzer) if I need help or have a question. About 40 mins after inserting the pills I felt like I needed a number 2. But I wasn't sure if it might just be the pills I'd put up there! So I buzzed and asked and the girl said just go. So I did! It was mortifying when she came back to collect it! But I'm sure they are all used to it! Then I just waited and waited. They told me to lie down for first half hour to let the pills dissolve. But then walk about a bit to try speed it up. I walked about a wee bit but also tried to sleep. But after I'd say 3 hours I was getting impatient! I had no pain, no cramps, no blood so I buzzed asking for more pills! The nurse said she'd go and check when I got my dose. I then really started charging up and down my room. I was really stamping my feet just to try encourage it out! And low and behold as I'm charging about(I probably did it for 15 mins) I felt damp between my legs so I ran to the loo. There was a slow drip of blood then soon after I felt something coming. I assumed it was going to be a clot but it was what can only be described as a blob. It was it! I'd passed it. I wasn't sure so I hit my button and the nurse came. I said I think I've passed it and she said yes you have. She told me they'd be monitoring my blood loss for a while and to keep using the bedpan. I lay back down in the bed and felt a little cramp but nothing to bad. I got to go home soon after and haven't needed much more than a mild painkiller. I'd read horror stories about pain, massive blood clots, what the membrane actually looks like. My experience was not a horror. It was relatively plain sailing.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a medical abortion. It does vary for each person and for you the procedure was straight forward and easier than you expected. If you need any support in the future please contact Online advisor, or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999. for post abortion support.

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