I had a medical abortion at 8 weeks 4 days.

By anonymous on 16/10/2014
When I first found out I was pregnant I phoned the NHS sexual health number and asked for information on a termination (as I was only 16 and still studying in college) . Whilst on the phone I started to panic and get slightly upset, the women on the phone impatiently said "I'll put you through to someone else as I cant understand you". The line was then directed to a very friendly women from the Beth clinic, she explained the whole procedure of what would happen and booked me in for a medical termination. However the appointment was two weeks later than the time I phoned making me even further pregnant at the time of termination. She explained how I needed a medical form in order for the abortion to take place and that I could get one from the nearest sexual health clinic. The day before the termination date (left it a bit late and a bit risky) I went to my local sexual health clinic and got the form signed by the doctor. As I was under 18 there was a lot of questioning as to whether I was getting sexually exploited or physically abused. The doctor was friendly and non judgemental - just the type of person you need when your going through a scary experience. The next day my boyfriend drove me down to the Beth clinic in Bargoed. I was in the clinic for roughly around 2 and a half hours. Firstly they insisted I performed my own chlamydia swab (even though me and my boyfriend have only slept with each other). I was then told to take a seat in the waiting room when I then waited another 20 minutes before being seen again. Next I spoke to the counsellor who was very lovely- however she asked me all the same questions as I had answered with a doctor the previous day..I found this very pointless as all my answers were already saved on the clinic database. Back to the waiting room for another 20 minutes where I'm finally called back in for a scan to determine how many weeks pregnant I am. This time I saw a not so friendly, grumpy, impatient nurse, she told me to sit on the bed and prepare for an internal scan, as the instructions were unclear I asked her to repeat them - she seemed very annoyed with this and sternly repeated what she previously said. She then told me I was 8 weeks 4 days then asked if I preferred the medical or surgical procedure.
I opted for medical and went back to the waiting room for just 5 minutes where I was called to see another nurse alongside a trainee nurse. Both nurses were very very friendly and relaxed me before speaking about the procedure, before I knew it the papers were signed and the nurse began taking my blood pressure and bloods. The nurse was very gentle when taking my bloods and I didn't feel a thing. Next I was handed an anti- sickness tablet which I took with water - this is a small tablet which is easy to swallow. Finally she gave the tablet which switched off the pregnancy hormones - this was larger in size and took a few attempts to swallow. She then booked me in for stage 2 of the procedure, 2 days later at Newport Royal Gwent hospital. 2 days later me and my boyfriend arrived at royal Gwent for the last of the medical abortion procedure. The staff at reception in the Cordell centre were not friendly at all but I finally got one of them to direct me to the Beth clinic. To my surprise and pleasure I was given the nurse who gave me my first tablet. I entered the room- she asked how i felt and gave me a cup with 4 tablets in - 1 for anti-sickness, 2 for killing off any infection that may occur and 1 for pain relief. I was then given the choice whether the nurse or myself was to insert the 4 tablets into my vagina - this makes the womb lining break down. I opted to do it myself and it was very easy to do. Within 30 minutes of arriving me and my boyfriend were already on the way home. About 1 hour 30 minutes after taking inserting the tablets I started bleeding and having normal period pains. After this time I started having very painful period pains and contraction like pains. 3 hours later I felt blood coming out followed by a big lump and more blood- this came straight through my jeans and looked like I wet myself. My boyfriend who was in the shower came rushing in to me and as he got to me the same thing had happened again, the blood on my jeans was now down to my knees and the blood was even on my socks- in shock I just stood there, to scared to move just in case another lot of blood came..we slowly walked to the bathroom when the same thing happened a third time - by now I was saturated waist down in blood- getting my jeans off we noticed big lumps of jelly like flesh on the sanitary towel, as I sat on the toilet more and more of the jelly like substance fell out - this was the womb and the foetus breaking down and was not a pleasant thing to see and experience. After I passed around 60% of the pregnancy I was going through roughly 3 pads an hour - so be warned you bleed A LOT. After the drama I bled like a normal/light period for 2 weeks then everything returned to normal. I'd say my medical abortion was not pleasant but I do not regret what happened.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a medical abortion. I was quite surprised that at 16 years old, you were sent home with your boyfriend to complete the procedure at home. It sounds as though the pain and bleeding that you went through was quite frightening for you both. I hope that you are making a good recovery but if you would like to talk to someone for post abortion support it is available, for post abortion support.

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