Positive medical abortion experience

I would like to share my GOOD, positive medical abortion experience.. I had my medical abortion today the 15th of October 2014.. On Monday I had the first tablet and went home, the first tablet is to stop the pregnancy from growing.. Went back today and had the 4 tablets which cause the uterus to contract and basically miscarry.. Put them in my mouth and had my friend drive me back home.. Was home 25 minutes later, no bleeding, about 45 minutes and I started bleeding so I sat on the toilet for 3 and a half hours, the pain was about a 3-4... Not too bad. Not worse than my period. The only thing that freaked me out was the clots I could feel coming out of me not painful but I could feel them and that was scary to me anyway.. After 3 and a half hours I decided to hop into bed as I was tired from the codeine tablets (I had 2 panadol forte an 1 voltarol before the abortion tablets)
And I kept a heat pack on my lower abdomen.. To me the heat pack was a life saver.. I went to bed, woke up 45 minutes later had lots of blood so went and had a shower.. I felt a huge clump come out and looked at the ground and saw the embryo sac (I was 6 weeks and 4 days) I could see it all quite clearly and had to call my friend to come help me as I was in shock at what I just saw..
all in all I would say other than seeing the sac I had a good experience and pain was minimal.. Please don't be scared of this.

Editor's Comment

I think seeing some form of the pregnancy often brings the reality of the procedure into focus and that can be a shock. The pain you experienced did not sound too bad for you, and from what you have described you were able to cope well with what you went through.
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