I had an abortion 2 days ago.

I had an abortion 2 days ago. They said that it should be painful and bloody but after I've done the medical abortion, I feel strange because after a 3-4 hours I bleed a lot but not that much.
I feel something is going to come out in my vagina. Then when I went to the comfort room and pee I felt something came out in my vagina then when I saw it, it was a big blood clot. I'm so curious if that is the foetus or not. Then I bleed a little and it stop after a day. I'm too curious if I completely abort it or not. Can you answer me please.

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It depends how many weeks pregnant you were as to how much you are likely to see. If you were only 5-6 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy tissue may look more like blood clots. Once you are a few weeks further on you may see something more formed. If you are concerned that you may not have passed the pregnancy, it is important to get a medical opinion as an incomplete abortion can lead to retained products of pregnancy and infection. If you would like some more support please contact CareConfidential for post abortion support. or call for support through the abortion helpline 0300 4000 999.

This story was sent in on 30/10/2014

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