I have literally just gone through with the medical abortion.

By anonymous on 31/10/2014
After reading many stories about medical abortion to try to prepare myself, I thought that I would be ready for what to expect. For the record, for years I went through horrible periods - painkillers didn't work and it felt like someone was squeezing my uterus at their own evil freewill - I was in such pain every single month I was never sure if I needed to sit on the toilet or hover over it. Some people even would think I was going through menopause because of the hot and cold flushes it would give me! Not great at 16 ;). From reading people's experiences, this is exactly what I expected....and for the most part, it was pretty accurate except for the actual cramping which was much worse than expected. At any rate, I have literally just gone through with the medical abortion. I did my initial consultation over the phone with Marie Stopes and booked my initial appointment for 2.5 weeks later. My first appointment took about 2 hours where I had a quick blood test, blood pressure test and scan where I was dated to be 6 weeks and 3 days along. I was then given my first pill, scheduled my next appointment for the next day (today) and went home. I didn't feel much from that first pill - I think the worst part was still the morning sickness! The next morning I woke up, had a shower, made some breakfast and took 2 x naproxen sodium (stronger than ibuprofen) and 2 x Panadol extra strength and then headed to the clinic. It only took a few minutes where I took 2 antibiotic tablets and an anti-nausea tablet before inserting the 4 tablets between my gum and lips. I called a taxi and was (at that point) happy to know I would be home in 30 mins. Well....my taxi didn't show up!! The front desk lady had called me a new taxi and by the time it finally came, it had been about an hour since I had taken my final doses. I was afraid that it might occur during my taxi ride home - not cool!! Thankfully it didn't ;) By the time I got home, I became VERY chilled and started to have slight twinges. Due to my horrid periods previously, I knew that it would come in a few hours so I wrapped myself up in a heated blanket and throw in bed and rested. About 2 hours later I was feeling fine so decided to make some mint got chocolate and had my last favourite chocolate from home that I can't get in the UK. Big mistake. About 45 mins later it came up - I have to say mint got chocolate isn't so bad when it comes up I was more gutted about "wasting" my last favourite chocolate though ;) I climbed back in bed and curled up with my heated blanket. Not long after (about 2pm now) the cramps started to really come on. I thought that I was ready for them but these were much different. At this point, I wanted more painkillers as I hadn't had anything aside from 5 hours prior but you need something in your stomach for naproxen and I was throwing up - so just had to suck it up. I sat on the toilet whimpering and trying breathing techniques as much as I could when the wave of cramping would overcome me. I became incredibly hot and was sweating - basically like a woman in labour. At some points when the cramps hit it felt like I needed to pee but nothing was coming so decided when the cramp would come, I would push. After about an hour of pain (and thinking "how do women go through full term pregnancy?!?!?!") I felt something come out - a few "plops" in the toilet but not too much blood. Pretty much immediately the cramps stopped and my sweating stopped and I felt quite fatigued. I returned back to bed and napped on and off for about an hour and a half later had to run to the bathroom as I was suddenly sick (no chocolate this time). Ruined the fact that I was thinking about having some soup and thinking I was going to be fine!! I've been bleeding now but not a huge amount. I've got cramps but feels just like my period cramps and very manageable!! I still haven't taken any more painkillers - the only ones I had was what I took at 9:30 this morning. I am currently just curled up in my heated blanket in bed so very relieved that the ordeal is over. In some respects, it was exactly what I thought it was going to be like but in other respects, was very different. I'm not someone that "feels" pain as I've even broken my wrist and didn't even know it but I really do wonder how women give birth to a full sized baby!!!!

Editor's Comment

Your experience sounds quite common for a medical abortion, and the pain that you experience often varies from person to person, and also the stage of pregnancy you are at. If you would like to have some post abortion support, it is available and you can access it through the website, for post abortion support. or call the helpline for post abortion support, 0300 4000 999.

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