I had an abortion before google really was a thing.

I had an abortion before google really was a thing. The internet did exist, but it could be quite hard to search for what you needed then. I was able to find a clinic online, but didn't really know much about what went on. I knew I had gotten pregnant while taking the pill. It wasn't a discussion. I was engaged at the time and he said that he wasn't "having a wedding with a baby on the way." So he drove me to the clinic where I was given ibuprofen and lidocaine injection. I was never offered any sort of anaesthetic or sedation. It hurt so much even when the doctor inserted the speculum. Rather than be compassionate, the doctor just looked over and said, if you keep screaming I'm going to stop. Do you want me to stop? (I later got anxious after seeing another doctor years later who kind of looked like him). Afterwards, I later threw up. The next day I could barely walk. All my muscles hurt from me clenching my legs together. The pain was horrid.

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That sounds very barbaric and hopefully procedures have moved on from there, although abortion clinics do still offer suction termination with only local anaesthetic. Women who have posted their stories after a procedure like this, describe a similar experience with pain. The doctor who performed your procedure sounded very uncaring, and fortunately women have the option of sedation now. If you want to talk through your experience, I think it would still be helpful even after some years, if certain people can still give you a flashback to that event. Please contact CareConfidential for support, for post abortion support.

This story was sent in on 24/11/2014

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