I'm 17 and I decided that abortion is the best choice. I am not ready for a child.

About a week ago I found that I am 7 weeks pregnant. I'm 17 and I decided that abortion is the best choice. I am not ready for a child. We used a condom and it broke, so just to be sure that I wouldn't get pregnant I took the morning after pill. And just to be extra sure that it worked I did a pregnancy test 2 weeks later. It showed positive, we though it was faulty so we did two more and they were also positive.
That's when me and my boyfriend decided it was time to decide what we should do about it. He told me the decision was up to me to make because it was my body and everything. He said that he would support me no matter what decision I made.
It was a lot of pressure, I felt hurt that he wasn't helping me to decide and my mother was also pressuring and scaring me because she wanted a grandchild even though I'm very young and not ready. So I decided that I'm going to do an abortion.
Yesterday I got the first pill of medical abortion, and the doctor said that the bleeding should start in some hours but it hasn't started yet. I don't know whether I should be worried or not. I have felt sick all day today, usually I have morning sickness only or sometimes in the evening and that's it.
Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for the second step of medical abortion, and the doctor told me that I will be in the hospital for 5 hours and that it will hurt a lot. Honestly I don't know what to expect and I hope it will be over soon.

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This story was sent in on 02/12/2014

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