It didn't seem right to keep a baby after a one night stand

I decided to share the story of taking the abortion pill, after considering my options it worked out that it didn't seem right to keep a baby after a one night stand,so I found a clinic and rang to make an appointment. The day after I got a call back for some health questions then decided to go for the medical abortion.

A week later I arrived for the first pill, this was fine, took it and other than a little heavy feeling no other affects,then returned the next day for 4 more pills to put into the sides of my mouth to dissolve. After 30 minutes I could feel the effects taking place, stomach pain, then went ghost looking, my hearing and head went strange, I got out the car went straight upstairs. Without scaring anyone it was the worse pain I have endured since birth. I was sick then started to crawl and roll around in my room, after 2 hours I breathed through the pain and overdosed on co-codamol fell asleep out of exhaustion over a stool, then started to bleed and pass clots. Day 2 and I've been out and it's just like a heavy period now. This is no option for anyone that has a low pain threshold. It was awful,and I would never put myself through that again, a lesson learnt I'm sure.

Editor's Comment

Conception after a one night stand can feel different to one conceived in a long term relationship. I am glad that you don't want to go through it again, and you can protect yourself with a long acting reversible contraception which is safer than risking unplanned pregnancy.

This story was sent in on 14/12/2014

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