I had a surgical abortion with conscious sedation today.

By anonymous on 13/12/2014
I had a surgical abortion with conscious sedation today. I remember nothing of the procedure from the point the anaesthetist told me I would feel a cold wave over me, until I came round in recovery feeling actually quite normal (apart from drowsy) and pain free.
At 7 weeks I had the option of medical or surgical. I chose surgical as I figured it was quicker, cleaner, and more complete. And I had to fly to the clinic so I wanted a straight forward option, without having to hang around.
I read stories on here before choosing what option I wanted, and if you're considering the same, whilst everyone is different, and can react differently, as far as the procedure goes, I believe I chose the best option. I didn't want any physical pain and was actually really concerned about being ill afterwards and feeling nauseous on the plane home - but I needn't have worried. I was also concerned about being aware of what was going on during the procedure and being distressed by it all but again I have no recollection of it. Physically I felt fine, and still do.

Editor's Comment

It's good to do research and to think about your own reactions. A surgical abortion is easier in terms of being unaware of what is happening to you, and needs to be weighed up with the increased risk of a surgical procedure. Emotionally it may also be easier to be less aware of what is happening although you can often feel emotional afterwards. Please contact CareConfidential if you need support, for post abortion support.

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