I had a Medical Abortion at 7 weeks.

By anonymous on 20/12/2014
I had a Medical Abortion at 7 weeks. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. It was unbearably painful, constant and continuous contractions (which were the most immense pain) of the entire experience, the clenching of the uterus and cervix, my experience went on for about 5 hours until blood came out and the clots.
I had taken heavy pain killers, eaten nothing over 24 hours, I was not keen on throwing up or anything else so I kept food to a minimum two days before (smoothies etc).
I can tell you, if you think going down the medical abortion path is easier, or safer or less painful, I'm here to tell you you're wrong.
I know some women have said they haven't felt much pain, or little pain BUT the chances of that are so small because 90% of woman who've had a medical abortion, at least all the experiences and stories I could find have had a horrible experience.
I am only saying this because I do not want any other woman to take the chance and go through the same pain I did.
I don't believe any woman should have to feel the death of her own baby, because to me that is exactly what it felt like. What was a 7 week old baby, I felt it fight. What was it's chance at life but the medication I took was going to kill what was living.
I then realised why would any woman have to feel the death or pain of killing their own baby. I don't even think medical abortions should be an option after having one. For me it was too traumatic, it was like child birth, but instead the baby was dying on its way out, not living and breathing and not the size it was meant to be.
I just want to warn others girls who think a medical abortion is an easier path to take its not, trust me. Don't take the risk, the pain is not worth it. Take the surgical option.
I left out my entire experience because it was honestly the worst thing to go through and I don't want to write down the horrors and details. Just take my word for it and go with surgical please!

Editor's Comment

I do think it is really important that the procedure, including physical, emotional and psychological effects are clearly explained to women when they are considering their options. It is very easy for some of these possible effects to be minimised and you were clearly ill prepared for what you went through. Please contact CareConfidential for post abortion support, for post abortion support. or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

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