I knew I didn't want a baby

By anonymous on 20/12/2014
I thought I would tell my story as it helped me so much reading other people's!
I found out I was pregnant 1 week after I was due on. I took 3 tests and then a clear blue which told me I was 1-2 weeks. To be honest it didn't feel real. But it was, so on the Friday I found out I told my boyfriend who was very supportive but I knew I didn't want a baby, I knew I wasn't ready. So the Monday come and I made an emergency doctor appointment. I wasn't in there long they just gave me the Marie Stopes number to call. When I come out of the doctor's I phoned straight away and they gave me a telephone consultation on the Wednesday. The Wednesday came and they phoned a few hours early which was fine for me. They went through everything with me.. what would happen and if this was the right decision, I knew it was. They made my appointment for the following Friday at a Marie Stopes centre. During the week waiting it was in the back of my mind as I didn't know what would happen I was really nervous.
So the Friday morning came and I was extremely nervous I had spent all night searching for stories about what would happen. I wanted a step by step guide so I knew what to expect. I read some stories on here which really calmed me down, which is why I am writing one now. I hope some one going through the same will read this and it will give them peace of mind.

My first appointment...
I got to the centre about 15 minutes early I checked in and waited with my boyfriend in the seating area we were the only ones there and after about ten minutes a nurse come to get me. My boyfriend waited in the waiting area. I had my ultra sound and at first she was unable to find anything so I had to empty my bladder which helped as they found it straight away. She told me I was 5 weeks and 3 days she printed off the pictures which she would not let me see. After that I sat on the chair and she pricked my finger for some blood. Everything was fine there was no other examination she asked a few questions like did I know what to expect and she answered any questions I had. I then took the first tablet and booked in my appointment for the next day. I was fine, no pain, no sickness I felt normal the first pill did not affect me in the slightest. I worried over nothing. And I was in there for just over 30 minutes not long at all.

My second appointment...
So the next day I returned and this time I was extremely nervous as I didn't know what it would be like passing the pregnancy. When I got there again ten minutes early I checked in and within two minutes the same nurse come to get me. I took two antibiotics and then had to hold the four tablets between my gum and mouth. This was the worst part she gave me some warm orange juice to sip to help them dissolve. They did not taste of anything, they just crumbled they were gone within 6 minutes. It just wasn't nice. I then was able to leave. She also gave me some antibiotics to take the next day. I felt fine but within 15 minutes I got period pain like aches. I then was sick in the car on the way home. By the time I was home which only takes 30 minutes I started to bleed, it was mostly clots nothing big it was no more than my normal period. It got slightly heavier for the next 3 hours mostly big clots but again nothing major. I took pain killers and had a hot water bottle but the pain was no more than a strong period pain.
5 hours went by and nothing really changed other than the blood clots got bigger but no more pain than before. I had a few cramps but it wasn't that painful, I have had worse period pains. 6 hours went by and the bleeding slowed down and that was it. I was expecting horrific pains and gushes of blood but had neither yes everyone is different but it's really nothing to worry about.
They give you two pregnancy tests to make sure you do these two weeks later and they have counsellors if needed. If you become worried they also have a 24 hour help desk.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for adding your experience. I hope that you are recovering well and as you say you can get post abortion support from Marie Stopes or Careconfidential if you need it, for post abortion support. .

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