I decided on the medical abortion

By anonymous on 04/01/2015
I'm not going to go into the whole story of why me and my partner couldn't have another baby but to give you a brief outline, I was advised by a consultant to really think about going ahead because of serious pregnancy and birth problems with both my daughters.
Well I decided on the medical abortion (after almost being told that's what I will have) I went on Friday for my first tablet took it and returned home feeling fine.
As the day went on I started to get a bit of cramp but nothing too bad.
Yesterday I felt totally awful. Took myself to bed at 3pm then by 5.30 I had started to bleed and heavy. I got up for the toilet and felt a huge gush, and there was blood everywhere!!! Got to the toilet and passed a tennis ball sized clot, and the clots kept on coming.
We rang the hospital and they advised me to go in this morning as planned for the 2nd part and to take any clots I could with me. Later that night I was screaming and crying in pain, paracetamol didn't touch the pain. After having 2 children before I thought maybe this was the after pains.
Got to the hospital this morning and produced the clots I was asked to. The nurse returned and said that there was no evidence of the foetus or the placenta and called in the consultant. He did an internal and said my cervix was closed so inserted the pessaries and said things should happen within an hour. He also said he had never seen this before in a woman from taking the first pill and passing so many clots and such a large size so took bloods and did other tests.
I stayed in hospital for 8 hours and nothing happened, except it was very, very painful and a lot of blood but nothing really passed.
They decided to send me home and I have to go back tomorrow for a scan and probably a surgical procedure to clear me out.
Needless to say I am totally against medical abortion, the pain is not nice, and especially not for someone who's never experienced childbirth before. I wish I had put my foot down and said I wanted the surgical abortion. I'm currently laid in bed and the blood is unreal, I'm losing a lot more than I did with either of my daughters, I'm also starting to pass more clots again. Please please re think having a medical abortion it's not nice. I'm hoping tomorrow everything gets sorted because this was not what I expected one bit!! I've found the whole thing traumatic!!!!

Editor's Comment

What you describe sounds very unusual, and women are usually advised that they may get bleeding and pass the pregnancy after the first tablet but this is more unusual. Most commonly there is no bleeding until the second tablets, which cause the womb to contract and pass the pregnancy. You have had some unusual symptoms and I do hope this has been sorted out. The risk of incomplete abortion is always explained and in this case a surgical removal of retained products of conception is carried out.
I think you may need some psot abortion support, and this is available, for post abortion support. or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999.

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