Medical Abortion at 9 weeks.

I had decided to have a medical abortion 9 weeks along so I can have privacy with the feeling of a natural miscarriage. At the doctors office, I was given one pill with antibiotics to prevent infection. When handed the pill, I was terrified thinking is this what I really want to do? My heart was pounding and I swallowed the pill. I walked out with out having to talk to anyone(which is nice). You're told that you won't feel anything the first day but I was nauseous all the way home.
On the next day I took the second dose where you have 4 pills that dissolve in your mouth for 30 minutes, then you swallow what's left (they have no taste but I will tell you I was not fond of it after 15 minutes). Shortly after I started to feel pressure on my cervix along with light cramping. I ran to the bathroom and was bleeding lightly. I laid down on the bed and an hour later I felt a pop where the baby is detaching itself.
Cramping started getting painful but bearable. Back in the bathroom I went and wow I was bleeding heavily with blood clots big as quarters.
Three hours into the abortion I was in bathroom, there I saw the foetus with the umbilical cord. It was really hard on me seeing that but I felt relief. My boyfriend was helpful bringing me my pain pills and hot water bottles to put on my stomach throughout the night. I eventually kicked him out of the room for privacy. I lost so much blood, I was starving and ate a lot that night! The bleeding was about one pad an hour but slowed down enough where I was okay.
I was able to distract myself from the pain watching movies on my tablet. The next day I was feeling a lot better thinking wow it wasn’t as painful as I thought.
Later that day I was having strong cramps so I took the stronger pain pills I was given. It helped a lot! Blood clots were bigger on the second day and I noticed I was in pain right before I pass them. I’m currently now on my 4th day after medical abortion. I feel relief but regret and guilt of what I've done. My boyfriend and I had a long talk and made me feel at ease. If you have support and someone with you it's easy to cope. My overall experience with pain was not as bad as I thought, yes it was very painful at a few points but not enough to make me cry or scream.

Editor's Comment

Your medical abortion sounded a fairly standard experience, and i think feelings of guilt and regret are not uncommon. You didn't say why you decided on this option, but sometimes it helps to go back and look at your decision process, and why this seemed to be the right option for you at the time.
If you would like some post abortion support it is available and you can follow the link, for post abortion support. or call the helpline 03004000999.

This story was sent in on 15/01/2015

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