Abortion at 7 week 2 day.

Abortion at 7 week 2 day.
Before going for the abortion I was very scared about the pain and experiences of others I read on internet.
I am 29 years old, living with my baby 1 yr old girl and husband.
On my baby's 1st birthday I found out that I was pregnant again, it was really sad to know because I want a 2nd baby but not for at least 3 to 4 years.
My baby is so small and still breastfeeding so I decided to terminate pregnancy.
We went to hospital which has a special ward for this. The doctor sent me for scan and I found out I was 6 week 2 day pregnant. I got an appointment for 1 week later.
On the appointment date I was very nervous about pain. I was asked about my medical history and given a blood test. After the blood test she gave me 1 medicine (3 tablet) and told me not to vomit. She asked me to come the next day for the last part of the procedure of termination.
We went home after taking the 1st pills. I was ok that day, no vomiting or sickness. The doctor told me there was a 10%chance that I may bleed.
On next appointment morning I bled a very small amount and then it stopped. I was given the second tablets and 1 pain killer orally and told to walk about for half an hour. After 30 minutes I started to get cramp but very small bearable pain like menstruation and some bleeding.
Then the pain increased but also like period pain sometimes like gas in stomach.
Then the doctor came and asked about the pain and gave me 2 more pain killers.
After that I had very little pain only like period pain but I started to bleed so much. Something came with heavy blood flow like jelly. I started bleeding continuously with some blood clots. The doctor came after one and a half hours. I was fine no pain, no weakness, only bleeding. She then sent me home. I bled for 4 to 5 hours, then it became a normal period.
I was happy that all horror pain stories I read did not happen to me. I had no severe pain at all. The next morning I was perfectly fine no nausea, only a light period.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for posting you experience of a medical abortion, and I am glad it was less traumatic than you were expecting. Post abortion support is available if you need it. Please follow the link for post abortion support.

This story was sent in on 16/01/2015

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