I was in no position to have a baby so I decided to have an abortion.

By anonymous on 16/01/2015
I guess I thought this would be quite therapeutic and if it would help others in this situation then I should post this.
I'm 22 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. I had been taking the pill for about 3 and a half years. I always kind of missed a few but thought pregnancy would never happen to me. I started to get stomach pains around the 18th December 2014 and I instantly knew I was pregnant, I felt all the symptoms of a period but no bleeding. I took a test on the 17th and found that I was two weeks pregnant. I felt numb. I showed the test to my boyfriend and he asked me what I wanted to do. I was in no position to have a baby so I decided to have an abortion.
The following Monday I went to my family planning clinic, saw a lovely doctor and explained to her why I wanted an abortion and she then gave me the number for the BETH clinic in Bargoed. I rang them and they gave me an appointment for 14th Jan, so I waited and waited.

After what seemed like forever it was time for my appointment. I got there at 11, was given a leaflet explaining types of abortion etc. then I was called into the receptionist's room where she confirmed my address, next of kin etc. Then I was told to go back to the waiting room and a counsellor would be calling me shortly.
The room was full of women/girls some mid 30's-40's some under 18. I was called by a lovely lady with mad hair! to make sure the decision was mine. You have to go in there alone to make sure no one is pressuring you etc. She then told me that next I'd go in for an internal scan and that I was allowed to take someone with me for the next stages.
My boyfriend came in the room with me, I then had to go behind a curtain, undress from the waist down, pop a sheet over me and lie with my legs open on the bed. The nurse then took the scan. It was a bit uncomfortable but not painful in any way. She then told me I could get dressed and go back into the waiting room for the other nurse to call me.

Before I could sit down I was called. I had my height, weight, blood and blood pressure taken, and the nurse told me I was 6 weeks pregnant and that I could have the 1st tablet of the medical abortion there and then. I took this straight away and went home to be called back the next day. I felt fine after this, no bleeding etc.
The next day I went to the Cordell centre in Newport where I was met by the same nurse from the day before. She went through what I may experience and then gave me sickness and pain relief medication and antibiotics. I then lay on the bed and she put the other 4 tablets up by my cervix, I got dressed and made my way home.
Before I got home I could feel I was starting to bleed and this was around 50 minutes after the tablets were inserted. I went to the toilet and the blood was dripping, I felt the urge to push and as I did a clot around the size of a golf ball came out, I assumed this was the pregnancy. I then had mild cramping and bleeding for the next 4 hours with small clots, but it wasn't too painful. The bleeding got less and now the next day it feels just like a period with no pain.
The staff were very friendly and helped me a lot. They offered my support 24/7 I can't thank them enough.

Editor's Comment

I think it does help to write an experience down in detail as it helps you to process what has happened and get in touch with any feelings you may have suppressed. It is good that you had plenty of support from staff and your boyfriend, and I would ask for post abortion support from the centre if you feel you need to talk things through with someone. There is also a helpline, 0300 4000 999, and Online support service, for post abortion support.

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