I want to share my pill abortion story.

By anonymous on 17/01/2015
I already had a 2 year old and got pregnant without planning. I was at a critical stage of my career and a busy mother trying to manage my life with a super busy husband. So, we were not ready at all for a second baby at this point. We decided to go for an abortion as soon as I figured I was pregnant. I actually figured out just when I missed my periods because my body was so different (did not get my monthly period time 'pimple', my head was heavy, dizzy etc.). I did a test and confirmed. But since it was holiday time, I couldn't get an appointment for 2 weeks although I called my doctor right away. When I went for my check up, I clearly discussed with my gynae that I wanted a termination. I had read up on my options and wanted a pill abortion which sounded safer and easier. My doctor did not do anything that day (I was already 7 weeks or so by then) but booked an appointment with the termination doctors, which was after 4 days. :-(. the termination group only talked to me that day and did not give me the pill since they have a rule about letting the women decide for a day or two before they go ahead with termination). Anyway, by the time they gave me the pill I was already 8 and half weeks or so by vaginal scan!! I was nauseous all the time by then and so wished they hadn't spent so much time in these tests/counselling where I was pretty clear about what I was doing.
Since I already had a baby and I know how precious a baby is, it was a hard to think I was terminating this baby. But then, since I am also in the medical field, I know that every month an egg is released and millions of sperms go without fertilizing it, so, it's not that big a deal that way. Also, it's better not to have the baby if you can't do your best for him/her. So, yeah, although sad in a way, I did feel I was doing the right thing.
So, after I took the first pill in the hospital, they gave me the second pill to take a day later at home.
They also prescribed me antibiotics, painkiller and nausea medicine. I only took the nausea medicine with my second pill. I had delivered my first baby vaginally without epidural, so I knew this was not going to be very painful. Half an hour after I put the second medicine in my mouth, I did get contractions (painful but not unbearable) now and then. I had started spotting even before I took this pill but an hour later, I started heavy bleeding. When I used the loo, I felt like some big clot passed out (mostly the embryo) but I didn't look as I didn't want to. Later I bled for 2-3 hours heavily, and the whole night.. I had to change 4-5 pads.
The next morning, I was still passing some clots and tissues, and the bleeding continued for 3-4 days. But my nausea and heavy head etc.. were gone and I knew my abortion was successful.
So, in summary, it was not physically too painful.. but mentally it was hard. I would be more careful with planning from now on.

Editor's Comment

It seems to be harder to go through the abortion experience when you have carried a baby to term and given birth already. I think you are more in touch with what is happening to your body, and as you say, knowing how precious the child or children are that you have. Hard too when you are in a committed long term relationship.
You may find benefit from post abortion support and this is available. For details follow the link for post abortion support. or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

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