I'm so grateful my life was not snuffed out

I am an abortion survivor. I survived two attempts on my life before I was born

I am ever so grateful that my life was not snuffed out either time.

I have 2 wonderful children now and am a healthcare provider.

I lost my younger sibling to abortion and sadly my only brother committed suicide because of the nightmares he had because his girlfriend had aborted his only child.

I am sad because I will never have nieces or nephews. My kids do not have their uncles. No vacation trips to see them, no visits from them.

Please consider all who still suffer loss if you choose to abort, including your child who might actually want to live.

I know I did.

This story was sent in on 24/01/2015

Editor's comment

Thank you for your courage in posting your story as an abortion survivor. This is not something we hear of very often although I have come across abortion survivor groups in Eastern Europe.

Your sadness and feeling of loss of your sibling who was aborted is difficult to imagine, and this must have been compounded by your brother's suicide.

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