I had a late medical abortion at 16 weeks and 6 days.

By anonymous on 25/01/2015
Yesterday I had a late medical abortion at 16 weeks and 6 days. I only found out I was pregnant a week before, I thought my missed periods were due to the contraceptive pill I'd been on, and the extra weight was from overeating at Christmas. When I finally did figure it out everything moved very quickly, I had a doctors referral the same day and was booked in at the hospital clinic the following week. I want this story to be something positive for people who are unsure. Honestly yesterday was the most painful day of my life. Because I was so far on it took 9 hours to pass the foetus, and I then had to have a doctor remove the placenta as waiting for it to pass naturally would have meant keeping me in over night.
The nurse who looked after me was amazing, and I couldn't have got through the day without her. I had a lot of painkillers but the pain was so intense they made little difference. I know this is because of how far along I was, had I found out earlier it would have been a lot quicker and less painful.
However once it was all over I've never felt so relieved. The pain went away instantly once everything was out and the nurse brought me some food and a hot chocolate and let me rest. It took about an hour for me to feel up to driving but once I got up and started walking around I felt fine. I went on my own to the hospital and I'm glad I did, I wouldn't want to have put anyone else through that with me when there's nothing they could have done to help. Now it's the next day and I feel back to my normal self. The nausea from pregnancy has gone, my tummy feels squishy again (time to get to the gym) and I know I did the right thing. I had a brief 10 minutes of doubt last night but at the end of the day I know I am in no position to raise a child and to have gone through with the pregnancy wouldn't have been fair on either of us. I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal life and want everyone to know that it's ok to not feel guilty if you know you are doing the right thing.

Editor's Comment

I am not surprised that this was a very painful experience. A late medical abortion at nearly 17 weeks is very different from an early medical abortion. If you would like some post abortion help it is available, for post abortion support.

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