Pregnant Abroad

By anonymous on 25/01/2015
We found out I was 4 weeks 5 days pregnant while in Vietnam. Shocked and uncertain of our travels, financials, and health; it was not an opportune time to have a child. After many hours of research, our options for termination were either Vietnam or Australia, with medical treatment in a Marie Stopes International Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam. Marie Stopes Clinic: 2 locations. Be mindful whether or not the staff speak English. It is very important to know the options for either surgical or medical abortion. In the end, being in a foreign country, not knowing the training of the physicians, medical abortion was the best choice for me. The doctor preformed an ultrasound on my belly, and indicated I was less than five weeks without a yoke sac, requested I return to the clinic in 2 days to recheck the scan. The price is 7,000,000 VND for pills. First pill: I returned to the clinic, rechecked my ultrasound to see if a yok sac had developed. It had. I was counselled regarding the medical abortion treatment. The nurse wrote down all of the instructions in English, requested I read and understand, and we discussed the procedure. The nurse will give you 1 dose of mifepristone to take with water. She instructed 48 hours after first pill to take the second set of pills. I did not bleed or experience any cramps after taking the first pill. I was nauseated for 2 days, did not throw up, just took it easy and laid in bed. Second pill: Put on a pad. 7:00 am I took the pain med. As instructed, 8:00am, I took the first set of pills (2) of misoclear and placed them under my tongue for 30 mins, then swallowed the remaining bits. At 9:00, I took the remaining 2 pills of misoclear, placed them under my tongue for 30 mins, then swallowed the remaining. Now, begins the waiting and worrying for it to kick in. I was lucky that it wasn't terrible. For my experience, it was 1:00pm before I felt any cramping. Slight cramps and the feeling you just started your period, made me use the bathroom. I started to bleed and passed 1 small clot. Laid back down to rest, and passed another 2 small clots. Minor cramping, no heat pad, 2 more ibuprofens, and sleep was all I endured. 3 days later, I returned to rhe clinic to see my progress. The doctor ultrasound my tummy, concluded I had passed my pregnancy, but was concerned there was still tissue remaining. Due to our travel plans and departure from Vietnam, the doctor gave me another set of misoclear to pass the remaining tissue. No pain, slight cramps, and bleeding like a regular period. I can only speak for my experience, it was a difficult decision, but it wasn't physically as terrible as other stories I have read. I pray for physical and emotional healing after making this choice. Thank you to all the other women's stories to prepare for my own experience.

Editor's Comment

It is always hard to go through an experience like this in a foreign country where the language is not your own and you are not completely sure of the medical care they offer. If you need post abortion help please follow the link, for post abortion support.

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