My worst experience ever.

1 month after my abortion. I can actually say that has been my worst experience ever. How would I ever imagine that at 18 I would be pregnant. I was emotionally destroyed by the fact that I was pregnant with the worst guy ever. My unborn child's father is a married, 23 year old guy with 2 kids. I know that abortion is never the right thing to do but honestly I think I took the best decision.
I met him at a friend's when we went out for some drinks.
The first two times we saw each other indeed we had unprotected sex. Although he never told me he was married I knew. So I asked my friend just to make sure if my doubts were correct and sadly they were. I saw him 3 more times and I still had unprotected sex with him knowing he had a wife and kids. I never confronted him because I enjoyed having sex with him.
Later on I had to make a trip out of the country so I saw him for the last time, indeed we had sex and yes that one was the winner. I left not knowing I was pregnant. It wasn't until I came back 1 month later, I noticed I missed my period so I went to the doctor's and took a test and yes it came out positive.
I instantly cried and cried I was devastated, not only because of what my parents would think of their youngest daughter but also the family I was about to destroy. I aborted. The only people that knew were the nurses and me. I never told the dad, I rarely spoke to him again and I never told my friend. I always look back and ask myself what if I kept the baby what if I told him how would he have reacted.

Editor's Comment

A very difficult experience to go through alone, and hard to admit to yourself and in your post that your relationship was with a married man who had a wife and children. He should have taken half the responsibility for what happened, and would have known that he needed to use contraception to prevent an unintended pregnancy. It is sad that you as an 18 year old girl had to protect an older man and deal with the consequences of this liaison.
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