Part of me wants to keep the baby.

Hi I left my husband for someone younger, cliché I know. We were together a year and a half and during this time I had two miscarriages. This caused a lot of strain and my boyfriend wasn't getting on with my kids so I asked him to leave although I still love and miss him.
I got back with my dependable husband to find out I am pregnant. I am booked in tomorrow for a termination but the insensible part of me wants to keep the baby. My husband said he would support me but wouldn't stay understandably. The boyfriend has moved on and won't say much. Help and advice appreciated xxx

Editor's Comment

I'm afraid only you can make this decision. You have to weigh up what is most important to you and whether the relationship with your husband is really back on track. If your marriage does ultimately fail, how will you feel about the abortion? Are you still hoping that the new relationship might work? Follow the link to talk this through, for unplanned pregnancy support.
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