My morals won't let me kill a child

By anonymous on 03/02/2015
I'm 22 and I though that the man I was with really liked me and cared for me. Turns out he considers us friends with benefits. He said I'm fun to be around and attractive and he didn't see me as a girlfriend.
This whole time I assumed we were dating which is my fault because I should have known better. He would take me out pay for everything, cuddle with me, random kisses.
But when I found out I was Pregnant everything changed. Same old story right? he still does everything but justifies it by saying I'm pregnant. So I put a stop to all that mushy gushy stuff. Now I'm struggling with keeping this baby and becoming a mother who still lives with her parents and will have to move out.
And he doesn't even want to live with the baby and me, so that puts all the financial burden on me. He said he'll help out with wipes and everything. I just don't trust it and I'm already 13 weeks and its my choice if I want to struggle or not but I don't. I really don't, but my morals won't let me kill a child.. ...

Editor's Comment

A difficult decision. Rationally you feel that you could be struggling without the support you are really looking for, but in your heart your values and beliefs feel that abortion is not the right choice for you. It is sad that this relationship has been so duplicite. The messages this man was conveying to you were of a caring, committed relationship, but he does not want any responsibility.
If you want to talk through your options with someone, there are trained practitioners available, for unplanned pregnancy support. or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

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