My horrible experience with Cytotec.

I couldn't sleep at all thinking about the pain I will suffer, but I couldn't wait either to get it over and done with. I went to see my GP and confirmed that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I cried a bit as I didn't like this news, he then asked what was my next step, with a shaking voice I pulled through "I want to terminate, I don't want to keep the baby." He told me of the medication Cytotec and I bought it. He gave me the pill and instructed me on how to put them in my vagina. 6 pills up my vagina, two hours later I was in pain that I couldn't describe. Vomit and diarrhoea at the same time. I got sick, I went back to the GP after 4 days. Still the baby is there. I fumed out of the surgery literally yelling and beating myself hard.
After so much pain I went through still I didn't get what I wanted.

I googled the net and found this blog about Marie Stopes clinic. I woke up the next morning and went there. The clinic has a friendly environment and the staff are knowledgeable. They told me about the procedure and asked me a few questions, I then told them about my horrible experience with Cytotec. They promised to look at my pregnancy and help to abort. The procedure took 3 minutes. I was dizzy for a few minutes I laid down in a bed. I was ready to go home after an hour painless . I was happy and continued with my life. I am going back to have a coil put in after a month. I am happy but I would like to advise women who are planning to have an abortion to never go to a GP. Go to a women's clinic or visit a gynaecologist Wi who will refer you accordingly. Good luck and be safe with Cytotec .

Editor's Comment

What you describe about your GP sounds very dubious, and I wonder if you should put in a complaint and get this investigated. GP's never usually get involved personally with medical abortions. They should refer to the abortion provider in their area so that you get specialist help and monitoring that you need. I have never heard of something like this happening and it certainly is not the norm. If you need some help and support please follow the link, for post abortion support.

This story was sent in on 04/02/2015

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