Medical abortion: scary at times but it gets easier

By anonymous on 04/02/2015
medical abortion

I chose this route because personally am horrified of surgical abortions [more experiences of surgical abortion] and I deal with pain fairly well.

Yes, there will be blood, it will be scary at times but it gets easier and remember to trust/know your body.

  • Wednesday:

    10:30 took the abortion pill (that was the cakewalk part, if there was any...)

  • Thursday:
    • 10:30 ate breakfast
    • 11:00 took pain meds: 325mg Vicodin, 400mg Ibuprofen, 25mg promethezine (I didn't read the doses properly, until my next dosage)
    • 11:30 took the misoprostol. Chipmunked them in my upper cheeks, two on each side.
    • 12:15 swallowed what was left of the pills. went to put a pad on and saw a spot of blood.
    • 12:22 noticing light cramps, the sensation is really similar to the start of your period.
    • 1:30 woke up from a nap, went to the bathroom, noticed a little blood in pad. Light cramps still.
    • 1:45 ate some soup, light cramps.
    • 3:20 took another 325mg Vicodin. (The worst cramps but not intolerable.) It felt like a lot of pressure. At this point I can't sit or lay down, I am squatting next to a bed waiting for something to happen. Felt like I had to pee, passed large clots, had bowel movements, brief diarrhoea and puked. (This was the worst part... I felt like I had no control over my body)
    • 3:45 put some snacks down.
    • 7:00 been passing moderate sized clots, took 800 mg of ibuprofen.
    • 8:00 took 650mg Vicodin
    • 10:00 stopped passing larger clots
    • 12:30 took 325mg Vicodin
  • Friday: 

    Spent the day moderately bleeding. Like the end stages of your period.

  • Saturday:
    • 1:00 still bleeding. More like a moderate to light period. No cramps or pressure. Sometimes there's small clots or strands. (I assume and feel this is normal and will slow gradually...)
    • 10:30 started feeling pressure and cramps. (This really worried me.) Took 400mg ibuprofen.
    • 11:15 the pressure/cramps are still there. Took 325mg Vicodin
    • 11:45 felt movement. I didn't even make it all the way to the bathroom and felt a clot fall into my pad. Found the biggest clot of them all, looked like a ball of tissue about the size of a lemon. The pressure has passed and there's no cramping. (At this point I'm hoping THAT was the worst/last of it.)

  • Sunday:
    • 1:00 really light bleeding.
    • 2:30 started bleeding a little heavier, more moderate. Small cramps.

  • Monday:
    • 3:30 light bleeding and small clots.
  • Tuesday:
    • Really light bleeding, some small clots

  • Wednesday:
    • 8:30 follow up appointment. Pregnancy terminated. Was told there's still some blood in my uterus but that I should stop bleeding within a week or so. 

I don't regret my choice, it was the most difficult decision I've ever made and I pray that no one ever has to.

Editor's comment

A difficult time but it sounds as though you are coming to the end of it. I hope you can access post-abortion support if you need it.

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