So today I went for my surgical abortion at Marie Stopes in Leeds.

By anonymous on 09/02/2015
So today I went for my surgical abortion at Marie Stopes in Leeds. I found out last week that I was pregnant, the sickness and loss of appetite all made sense after I got a positive result. Me and my fiancé agreed that the timing wasn't right, we are looking and saving for a house this year, and looking to get married next year. Ensuring we were financially stable before starting a family was something we felt strongly about. I was actually diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) a few months ago and was told it may be difficult to conceive and when I got that positive result it was a big shock. A, that I was pregnant and B, that it was even possible for me to get pregnant. It was a bitter sweet feeling. After deciding that a termination was something I wanted I called Marie Stopes and spoke to them about my options. I was a bit worried about abortion because of my PCOS. The lady on the phone offered a nurse to call me back and discuss any worries I had about it. After speaking to the nurse she put my mind at rest. We then arranged a time for my telephone consultation. I was advised to have a look at the different types of abortion techniques on the website. I wanted the whole thing to be over with. When I had my telephone consultation I came to the decision that the surgical procedure with sedation would be the best option for me. Even though to me, it sounded worse than taking a few pills, I didn't want to draw the whole process out. I wanted it all to be over and done with ASAP. And the thought of having to pass the foetus with blood clots and experiencing was a no go for me. The consultation was done on a Thursday and my appointment was booked for Monday at 8:20. Monday came and I was so nervous. I'm so lucky my fiancé was with me. There were other women there who were alone and looked scared. I was so grateful to have him by my side. He really is amazing. After waiting around 15 mins I was called in. I was asked to take my knickers off and lay on the bed for a scan. I promised myself I wouldn't look because I knew it would make it even more traumatic. So the nurse did the scan....and she couldn't see anything :S she asked me if I definitely got a positive and I explained I did 3 tests and they all were positive. She then asked me to pee in a container to do another test and then wanted to do a trans vaginal scan. So she lubed up a wand and inserted it into me. She said sometimes it's hard to see the foetus on a scan and a trans vaginal scan is needed. As soon as she put the wand in me she said "oh yes I can see it". She said I was 7 weeks. After this I was sent back into the waiting room with my fiancé there. After waiting for around 20 mins I was called in to take some meds. I was given ibuprofen 600mg and a big dose of codeine. And then I went back to the waiting area for 15 mins. I was then called in for the procedure. My fiancé had to wait in the main waiting area which I didn't like. I wanted him with me for the whole thing, but I understand why he wasn't able to. I was then showed to another waiting room. Which was the final bit. One lady was called in and I started to feel funny. The codeine had kicked in MASSIVELY! I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open, felt really spaced out and just not with it. After waiting around 10 mins I was called in. A nurse asked me to take everything off from the waist down and to put a pad in my knickers and put it in a tub and she would be back in 5 mins. Everything was going sooo slow (cause of the drugs). She came back in and I was stood there all dazed trying to take my knickers off. After finally doing that I was taken into the surgical room. There were 4 people in the room. The anaesthetist, a doctor, a nurse who was amazing and really looked after me and someone else (not sure who). I was asked to lay on the edge of the bed and put my legs in the stirrup things. Being high as a kite didn't help in doing this. With a little help I was in the right position. The anaesthetist put a cannula in my hand whilst the lovely nurse took my blood pressure. The anaesthetist then asked how tall I was. By this point I was in tears, telling them I was scared, the nurse calmed me down and stroked my hair and head. I told the anaesthetist it didn't matter how tall I was and he needed to give me LOTS of drugs to ensure I don't feel anything and am knock out. I told him I was 5"6" and he gave me the sedation through the cannula. I was told my face will start to feel tingly and it did. AND THAT'S THE LAST THING I REMEMBER! The next thing I hear was the nurse saying "come on, put your knickers on...come on love...that's it. Put your knickers on". I was feeling a little groggy and was in a tiny bit of pain, nothing major, just a little period cramp type. I was taken into the recovery room and I sat down and was given water. I was gagging for a drink. I had to fast for 6 hours before the procedure and was not allowed any food or drink or allowed to smoke or chew gum etc. After drinking water I was offered a cup of tea or coffee. I had a cup of coffee with bourbons and it hit the spot. I felt fine. Like nothing had happened. It sounds weird, but I felt normal again. I could tell the pregnancy was gone. My stomach didn't have that feeling of being full and I didn't feel sick and I felt like I could actually eat! I was sat up fine. Some of the girls looked like they were in a lot of pain and looked groggy. I was lucky I didn't feel or look like that. Apparently after the procedure it's normal to feel like you REAAAALLLY need a wee. But I didn't. A few of the girls did but they weren't allowed to go yet as they were still out of it. I was then asked to go to the loo and get changed. Hopped up and went to the loo. I wasn't bleeding and I felt fine. I was then given antibiotics and told how to take them and also given a care leaflet. They took my cannula out and that was it. I was reunited with my fiancé and we left. I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We walked it home as I felt I could. The fresh air felt amazing. After going home we then went for a Nandos and I started getting more intense cramps. Nothing serious, just like intense period cramps. I went to the loo and I was bleeding a TINY bit. I was told some women bleed after 30 mins, some a few hours, some 5 days and some don't bleed at all. So far I haven't had to change my pad yet. And it's been 5 hours. A hot water bottle is helping with the cramps. After today's events I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I was sooo scared of the whole idea of what I had to go through. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think the fact that I had a good support network really helped. The nurses at Marie Stopes were lovely. None judgemental and really understanding. Before I had the procedure I was googling surgical abortion with sedation and looking up anything and everything. Easier said than done...but don't do it, you just end up working yourself up. Do what you think is best for you. I personally think the surgical abortion compared to the pill abortion is better. Even though this is my first pregnancy. It's over and done with ASAP and you don't have to make more than 1 trip to the clinic. The pill sounds like the easier option, but it's not pleasant from what I hear. But everyone is different. I hope this story helps anyone who is in my situation. It's 5 hours after surgery and wanted to give a true account.

Editor's Comment

I agree that having lots of support makes an experience like this a little easier, and it sounds as though all the staff at the clinic were kind and supportive as well as professional. Marie Stopes offer post abortion support should you need it, or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

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