My surgical abortion at 17 weeks.

By anonymous on 10/02/2015
Thought I would just post my experience of my surgical abortion that I had today to put people at ease as I was so scared after reading some horror stories! I'm 20 and studying full time at university with a job that's taking me all over the world and therefore In my opinion it was for the best! The day I took the pregnancy test and saw the double lines come up I was scared and devastated! I rang my doctors straight away and booked an appointment! The following week I saw my doctor and felt I was going to get judged! My doctor was very understanding and offered me the reassurance I needed! He filled me in a referral form and gave me the number for Marie stopes to book my abortion. The following day I rang and made an appointment, to my estimation I was around 7 and a half weeks pregnant! I had a consultation over the phone and an appointment was made to book in for a medical abortion! 2 weeks later I arrived to have the medical procedure! I was greeted by a very friendly woman who took me through to the room! I was sat down and asked the reasons for my decision and had to give a blood sample to check my iron levels, I was then laid down and had to undergo a scan. To my shock the scan made me to be 11 weeks and 6 days and therefore I had no choice but to have a surgical abortion! I was given a leaflet regarding the surgical treatment and a number to ring to book an appointment. I booked an appointment for the following week. The scary day came and I was very anxious however on arrival I was told there was a problem with the anaesthetic and therefore my procedure couldn't be carried out along with the other women. As imagined I was terrified and didn't want to leave it much longer! I was scanned again and scanned at 14 weeks as the foetus was growing rapidly! I was told before leaving I would be called with a new appointment in the following few days. It took them nearly 2 weeks to book me an appointment for the following week however this would leave me at around 17 weeks and I was warned that when I was re scanned on the day I could show to be 19 weeks plus which would mean a new appointment having to be made. The day came and I was just praying this would be the day everything would go to plan! I was greeted at reception by two lovely women who took me upstairs to a waiting room.
There was 4 other ladies in the waiting room all looking as nervous as me! Within half an hour I was called through to a room by a lovely lady! The woman talked through the procedure with me and checked my details asking me to sign a consent form! My iron levels were checked again and I was re scanned again to check I was ok! I was then given my file and asked to go back to reception. I handed over my file and was then took downstairs! I was taken into the recovery room where there was around 10 other women all in reclining chairs. I was greeted very warmly by the team and told to make myself feel at home in my allocated chair! I had to wait around half an hour before I was given the tablets that had to be taken to relax my cervix! I took the tablets at 11am and was told I would be taken in for the procedure at 2pm. Within half an hour I started experiencing quite bad cramps and back ache and the ladies were lovely and fetched me some hot pads to put on my back and belly! Waiting for 2pm to come seemed to take forever however the team made things so much easier! Always reassuring and trying to take our minds off everything! Finally at five past two I was called through by a nurse into a separate room and was asked to remove my lower garments and put a sheet round me. Within five minutes I was called into the theatre. I was greeted by the surgeon, anaesthetist and 2 ladies who were full of smiles and made me feel so much better! I was laid on the bed and the cannula was inserted and I didn't feel a thing! Within ten seconds I can't remember a thing and just remember waking up in the recovery room. I felt a little drowsy and had some cramping pains however when I came round I was given 2 pain killers and offered some tea and biscuits! Within half an hour I was dressed and feeling fine with little pain and sent home with some contraception and four tablets to take that evening after my tea! I just want to share my experience and say it is not as bad as you fear and the teams who carry out the procedures are so caring and welcoming! Yes you will be worried however there are people there to support you!

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though you were well cared for even though you had to change your plans about the procedure. Marie Stopes offer a post abortion service if you should need any further support, or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

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