I'm 15 years old and was pressured into having an abortion at 22 weeks or pregnancy

I was forced & pressured to have an abortion, I am 15.

Yes I'm very young & I come from a strict family. My dad was very supportive & so was my mom, she didn't want me to have the baby at all.

I was 22 weeks and I had to do it, I was pressured by so many people & my boyfriend wasn't really supportive.

I lost my baby girl and it's the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

Please if you are considering abortion because you are being pressured & everyone is telling you that you can't finish school or do any teenage stuff... it's not true.

Keep your head high baby girl, do whatever you need to do for you and your baby. I regret it so much & I can never forgive myself. My baby girl is gone & there isn't any turning back.

Think twice before you want to end a life for your stupidity. It's not fair. Just think of the life you're baby girl or baby boy can have... How successful she can be. Think about it very good.

This story was sent in on 12/02/2015

Editor's comment

It's very sad that you have to live with such regret for something you did not want to do. Getting to 22 weeks pregnant and then having to abort the pregnancy is also more difficult than having an early abortion. I hope that in time you will be able to forgive yourself because at 15 it is very difficult to go against your parent's wishes, particularly when you are dependent on them. It would be worth looking for some post-abortion support in your area so that you have someone independent to talk this through with.

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