Medical abortion - wasn't that bad!!

By anonymous on 18/02/2015
I was in the perfect situation to have a baby - happily married, financially secure, mid thirties. However when fell accidentally pregnant didn't want it and have decided never want children now (being pregnant sucks). Being pregnant was horrible, I felt awful (sick etc.) therefore couldn't wait to go through with abortion. However, suffering from health anxiety issues and a panic attack sufferer, I was petrified of what to expect medically and after reading horror stories, some on this website, made me feel a lot worse and worried about what to expect.
I took the second set of pills and within an hour started having cramps, took an Ibuprofen and then distracted myself by surfing the internet with my hot water bottle. As the hours went on, still no bleeding but cramps were becoming more intense so took one of the super 30mg codeine they give you, I then could hardly feel any pain at all. The cramps lasted for about 4-5 hours I would say and then I eventually started bleeding.
I felt a need to go to the toilet and then as I went a big clot came out of me that looked like a plum sack but empty, after this happened quite a lot of blood came out down the loo at the same time. I poked around the sack with a cotton bud as wanted to ensure it was all out, there was a little white bit in the middle (maybe the foetus?). Didn't think I would have had the courage to poke around but felt the need to do this. This must have been the pregnancy passing as after this happened the cramps eased off and I started to feel better. The bleeding wasn't even that much, just a bit heavier than my normal period (no running down legs like some of the stories I've read). The bleeding on/off lasted for about a week and the cramps a few days afterwards although they were so mild I didn't need to take pain relief.
The worse thing about the entire experience was the side effects of the tablets - give you loose bowels, make you sick, shakes and hot flushes. However, once the sack had passed these went away. With suffering from anxiety my heart was racing as I was panicking but I managed to control this by building Lego (yes it worked a treat as had to concentrate on what I was building).

It's now been a week since I had my abortion and I don't feel sick which is amazing (can drink tea again), my boobs don't hurt.
However, I have suffered with hormonal migraines I think due to the sudden drop of hormone levels which can be expected (I get these around the time of my period anyway). I don't feel sad or emotional, just a huge sense of relief as I 100% did not want a baby. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I don't suffer from period pains or heavy periods so not sure if this is why my experience wasn't that bad. I just want to share my story to tell people that everyone's experience is different, mine wasn't that bad and seriously, I panic over EVERYTHING!!

Editor's Comment

That was quite a strong reaction to the pregnancy when you felt there was no difficult circumstances to cope with. Having a family is not for everyone, and you were not sure of your feelings until you found yourself unexpectedly pregnant. The important step now will be a more permanent form of contraception.

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