I had a second trimester no anaesthesia surgical abortion.

By anonymous on 05/03/2015
I am 19 years old and today I had a second trimester no anaesthesia surgical abortion. I won't go into detail about why I did it but I was very comfortable with my decision I want children in the future and there is a certain quality of life I want them to have that I would not be able to provide right now.
I had my appointment for 7.30 this morning and I went by myself on public transportation when I arrived I gave my ID in and was given some papers to fill out . After a few minutes I was called to a room in the back and given an ultrasound which measured at 14 weeks exactly afterwards I was sent to the lab to get my blood type tested was given another set of papers to fill out and sent to a waiting area. There were a few girls there some young some old all different races, it was calming in a way to know that I would not be going through it alone. Soon I was called by another nurse who went over my medical record and wrote a prescription for birth control. Then I met with the counsellor who made sure I wasn't being forced into this and that it was solely my decision, I signed off on a few more papers and then was sent back to the waiting room.
About half an hour later I was taken to a dress down room they gave you a robe a basket for your belongings and a blanket I then moved on to the operation room where my doctor located my uterus and then gave my two pills to put on either sides of my cheeks I was told this opened the cervix.
It took half an hour to dissolve and two hours to work that was the worst part THE WAITING I was taken to to recovery room to relax and wait for the pills to kick in I was given a heating pad and some magazines. Two and a half long hours later a nurse showed up and gave me a small pill to help me relax that took another half hour to kick in finally they took me to empty my bladder and took me to another operation room.
The doctor strapped my legs into the stirrups which reminded me a little of a horror movie I promise you this is the scariest part I laid down and the procedure began. Everybody was really kind the nurses talked me through it told me to breathe and relax and the doctor let me know each step she was doing, it was over before I knew it five minutes tops.
Now before my abortion I was looking online for some awake second trimester abortion stories and they all made me very nervous about the pain even though I have a high pain threshold I didn't want it to hurt too bad honestly the horror stories I read were worse then the actual procedure you feel a lot of pressure a little tugging and then it's over. I just closed my eyes took deep breathes and repeatedly counted to ten.
Afterwards I was taken back to the recovery room given some crackers and a ginger ale got my vital signs recorded and then was told I could change and leave. I was there for six hours but only because of how far I was. Now hours later I'm eating and getting ready for bed, I am kind of scared because I don't feel anything mentally I thought I would be sad but I am fine the only time I cried was when the father called and tried to make me feel ashamed for my decision. I don't regret it and I do feel relief I'm happy that I will be able to go to school and finish my degree and relieved that the nausea and fatigue from my pregnancy disappeared immediately.

Editor's Comment

It is brave the undergo this surgical procedure without sedation, and like you, I have read a number of posts describing very painful experiences. I think everyone's experience is going to be different and people experience pain differently, but I am glad that you feel you are recovering well, and that you are able to finish your education.

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