i found out i was pregnant when my period didnt come

By anonymous on 07/03/2015
So i found out i was pregnant when my period didnt come, i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I didnt know what to do and was in shock because i am on pills and im only 17. I knew right away abortion was what i wanted. First choosing between the pill or the surgical. After days of crying and stressing i decided to go for the surgial. It was a tough decision for me because i cannot tolerate pain what so ever and being in a waiting room makes me have bad anxiety where i want to pass out. I chose surgicial because the pill sometimes doesnt work and youre basically home bleeding for days and it cramps alot. So i contacted my local clinic to have my abortion done which was this morning. My appointment was at 8:30am, i was nervous and scared and barely had any sleep. On the way to the clinic i puy 2 anxiety pills under my tounge as told and then checked in and waited to speak with a counsellor. When you visit the counsellor they ask you what you want to be comfortable with as in pills and what you need. She then showed me the tools there were going to be used. I was scared and shaky. After seeing the counsellor i went back out to the seating room to wait for the doctor to come get me. 2 girls come out and theyre puking constantly. This freaked me out even more! 5 mins of waiting they called me into the surgical room where i changed into a slip dress and sat on a chair where she had taken some blood and inserted an iv. She then escorted to my room and i layed there with my legs up shaking so bad while clamping they all had to tell me to calm down. The doctor inserted some blue tube first to see my ultrasound but i was too early to see it ( this one hurt really bad because at this point they didnt dilate me yet, most painful part!) after that they inserted some tube and then im not sure what happened next because i was drowsy and fell asleep. I wokeup to my nurse escorting me to the recovery room where all the other girls were. I fell asleep right when i sat down, i was so naseous i couldnt open my eyes or move without wanting to puke everywhere. I slept for an hour there then the nurse gave me some pills and gingerale. I ran to the bathroom and continued to puke for 40 mins and then i was ready to go home. In all honestly, i siked myself out and freaked myself out more than i should have. I didnt feel a thing except the ultrasound part, and there was no cramps for me or excessive bleeding! I went home after and slept for 6 hours and then ate and i feel back to normal and more relieved than ever!

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