I'm 17 and recently found out that I was pregnant.

By anonymous on 10/03/2015
I'm 17 and recently found out that I was pregnant, here is my experience.
I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a year, he's a year older than me (so 18) we had been having unprotected sex for our whole relationship and have been lucky, until now. Due to me not becoming pregnant for such a long time without using protection I thought I couldn't have babies, so didn't bother with getting contraception.
On the 17th of February 2015 I was expected to have my period, this didn't happen and about three days later I thought to myself 'this is going to be the time i actually become pregnant' with this thought in my mind I went to boots and brought myself a pregnancy test, it was £5 for 2 in a pack, so I got them. However, I didn't do a test until a week later when I knew I was defiantly late on my period. My boyfriend knew about all of this and on the 24th of February I did a test and shock, it came up as pregnant.
I told my boyfriend as soon as I knew, I was sat on my bed with the test in front of me crying my eyes out, I felt so sick and so annoyed with myself. Me and my boyfriend had talked about if I became pregnant we wouldn't keep it before all of this happened and we still agreed that we weren't ready for me to keep it, the main reason for this is because I am in my first year at college and he has just started work, I want to have a proper education and a stable lifestyle before I even think about having a family, therefore the only option was to have an abortion.
With all this going on I knew I couldn't let my parents find out, we don't get along that well and I had only recently been allowed back into the house after having to live with my gran for awhile due to an argument with my mum.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant I phoned my local doctors, a women answered and I asked if I could book an appointment, she said what is it about and I just replied saying pregnancy and she said that a nurse would ring me back the next day at 10:30. I spent the rest of the evening looking on the Internet about abortions and peoples past experiences, I saw a mixture of comments and stories however I couldn't find a recent one that took place in the UK so I thought that once I go through my abortion I would put up my story to help others in a similar position. From looking up information and procedures I was so scared and upset. I was so disappointed in myself as I am 17 and having to look through websites about abortions.
I had college the next day and I only had one lesson which finished at 10:30 so at 10:30 I went and found a private place outside college to sit and wait for the phone call, so may thoughts were going through my head but I thought once the phone call had been sorted I could have an appointment and I would no longer be pregnant, I was so wrong. I didn't even get a phone call at 10:30, I waited till 11 and had no call so I rang back again, turned out the women I spoke to the previous night didn't write down my request so no one was going to ring me, although after this I had managed to get an appointment with my GP for Thursday.
On Thursday I had to leave college early to go to my local doctors, I am so squeamish and anxious when it comes to doctors ect, I hate it, so this wasn't a pleasent experience for me especially reading somewhere about having to do a blood test at the doctors. I was in the waiting room for about 30 miniutes just over thinking, it was horrible. I finally got called in I told the GP that I was pregnant, she seemed to look down at me a bit and I felt like I was getting judged a lot. She took my details down and told me about my options and the local clinic. Once she was going through all this I suddenly felt really faint and dizzy, I told her but she ignored me. It was only when I stood up and said I was going to be sick she stopped asking me questions and helped me. I was sick, I think this was mainly due to me over thinking about the situation. Once all that drama happened she finished asking me questions, said she referred me to a clinic and they should ring me the next day or I will have to ring them. I also had to do a chlamydia test, that was sent off and I was finished at the GP's and waiting for another phone call.
I had to ring back the clinic the next day to see if they had received my details so I could book an appointment with them, they spoke to me shortly and arranged for me to come in at 10:20 on the next Friday, during this time I would be sent a leaflet in the post explaining the procedures and what to expect. This came through the post and after I had read it I had to confirm my appointment by Thursday to let them know I was still coming, I did this by leaving a message on their answer phone.
On the day of the appointment I went with my friend for some support, they asked me for my details and peoples contact numbers in case anything went wrong. They asked me for a parents number, as I didn't want them finding out I gave out a fake number. Once this was done I had a scan, I found out that I was 6 weeks and 2 days.
The next thing was the bloods, I couldn't have my blood taken I was too scared so after the clinic I had to go to the main hospital. The nurses at the clinic weren't particularly nice to me because I was scared about having my blood taken. They said I was wasting their time and made me feel very unimportant. After this I had to speak to a nurse about what procedure I wanted to have. I decided to go for the medical. This is where you take pills to get rid of the baby. The women booked my next appointment for Monday at 10 for the first tablet and Wednesday at 10 for the final tablets. The nurse said I needed someone over 18 to be with me for this procedure and to be driven home after the second lot of tablets. Once finished at the clinic I had to go over to the main hospital with my friend for the bloods. There was massive line of people waiting. Once it was my turn I went in crying I was so nervous and scared but the nurses at the hospital were so nice and comforting!! I had two nurses with me due to the fuss I was making. One to take the blood and the other to hold my hand and talk to me. Soon enough it was done, three bottles of my blood was taken. I felt so happy once they were taken due to how squeamish I am and as that was my first blood test. For me, that was the hardest part done with. On Monday I went to the hospital had one tablet which I swallowed and was given two tablets to take before I went to sleep that night, they sorted out the type of contraception they were going to give me and soon enough that was done. The tablets I took that day made me feel very sick the next day however I wasn't physically sick.
Today is Tuesday and I haven't had the final tablets yet. The next step will be tomorrow, I will need to put four tablets up my vagina and be taken home after. This is when the abortion actually happens. I will be experiencing a lot of bleeding and pain. They will give me pain relief tablets to take throughout the day. I can write my experience after taking the final lot of pills at the end of the week when it should of all finished. I hope this has helped people going through what I went through and I can say that my parents haven't found out yet and I don't think they will either, everything is private. Good luck!

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