I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant at my first bpas consultation.

I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant at my first bpas consultation last friday, I decided to have a medical abortion and my first and second appointment was the following thursday and friday (yesterday and today) by this time I was 7 weeks I've suffered from bad sickness and nausea during the pregnancy.
I went for the first pill yesterday and had to force myself not to be sick because the tablet has to stay down for an hour and a half! I felt a bit dizzy and sick and had slight spotting and decided to have an early night my appoint the next day was at 10am
I was so nervous after reading loads of horror stories about medical abortions at my second appointment I was given 4 tablets and was given the option to insert them vaginally myself or for the nurse to do it, I opted to do it myself I was then given some codeine, and two antibiotics to take then and a pregnancy test to take in 3 weeks.
I went home straight away and had normal period cramps and diarrhoea, after about an hour the pain got very intense so I took two tablets of codeine but vomited straight after, I broke out in a sweat! I rang the nurse and she said its ok for me to take two codeine tablets again, which was a relief so I did this and within 15 minutes the pain calmed down and I fell asleep along with my hot water bottle (which has been a life saver). I went to the toilet and felt two tiny jelly like things come out (sorry to much info) but I don't think all the pregnancy has passed as of yet which is slightly worrying but I know it differs with every woman and I'm hoping it will happen by tomorrow its now 9pm and I have mild normal period pains which I'm soothing with a hot water bottle! My sickness and nausea has totally disappeared which is a relief! but I'm relieved to say it wasn't as bad as I worked myself up to think it was yeah the pain is very intense but it is bearable!
This story was sent in on 13/03/2015

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