After surgical abortion under local anaesthetic I wasn't groggy and the pain was no worse than period cramps

I have been with my partner for 8 months and we live 178 miles apart. With all of this taken into consideration having a baby was just not the best option for us both at the moment.

I wanted to share my story as after visiting BPAS I had chosen to have a surgical abortion with a local anaesthetic [other stories of surgical abortion].

The reasons I chose this option were that I had to be able to drive myself home from the clinic and I did not want the waiting game that occurs with a medical abortion [more stories about medical abortion].

I was concerned about the pain that I would experience. After endless google searches on the pain levels that are involved with the option that I chose, I found varying opinions and had got myself very worried about the procedure.

I arrived at the clinic this morning at 10.30 and got home an hour ago.

I can honestly say that the procedure was nowhere near as painful as I had thought it was going to be, everybody at the clinic was very reassuring and in the waiting room, the atmosphere was upbeat which helped with the situation.

I had a iud fitted last year and the pain having that done was far worse.

I feel like I have already been through the trauma and grief of my decision so the actual abortion has been a relief.

Please don't be scared if you have definitely made up your mind as this procedure is quick (5 mins in total) and in terms of recovery you are not groggy and the pain afterwards is no worse than period cramps.

This story was sent in on 31/03/2015

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