I took Plan B but it didn't work - I thought everything was fine until nausea, weird tastes and cravings started

By anonymous on 09/04/2015
medical abortion

My fiance and I got pregnant 7 weeks ago after a birth control slip-up.

I took Plan B (Morning After Pill) but it didn't work. We weren't planning on getting pregnant as we are poor and I'm still in the process of getting my bachelor degree. I wasn't even sure if I ever wanted kids.

I thought everything was fine after I took Plan B, but after some time I began to feel nauseous almost all the time. Everything tasted weird and I began craving things that made no sense. The smell of everything was intense to me and many made my stomach turn.

I knew something was up. I read articles that Plan B makes you miss your period, and I hoped it was that, but I knew deep down it wasn't.

I took 4 pregnancy tests. All positive. My fiancé was in denial until the doctors' test confirmed it. We decided that the abortion pill was the best option for us at this time. I was confident in my decision and ready to get back to feeling normal.

I spent 4 hours at the clinic filling out paperwork and getting tests done. I decided not to see the ultrasound photos as I felt it would make things harder. I did ask to know if it was twins, but luckily it wasn't.

I took the antibiotic and the first pill at the clinic. On my way home, extreme feelings of sadness and guilt came over me. I cried in the car and I cried for a long time when I got home. I finally gained the strength to tell my fiancé how I felt. That I was sorry. I killed our baby. The size of a blueberry and beginning to develop human features. It was an extremely difficult time for us, and no one explains that you may feel that way after.

My mom had an abortion and told me that she had dreams about it--that it was going to be a boy. I now understand her and I told my fiancé that I felt ours was going to be a girl. Things got easier after that.

I took the 4 pills the next day and was expecting bad period cramps from what they had told me. It was much worse than that. I began cramping and bleeding almost immediately after. I took ibuprofen, but not my Vicodin as I didn't expect it to be so bad. I was wrong. I should have taken it. It wasn't bad at first, just like ongoing intense period cramps.

After 2 hours, the pain really set in and I began losing my mind from the awful pain. I was almost screaming from the pain. I was trying to cry, but the way I was breathing wouldn't allow it. I can only explain it as what it probably feels like to go into labor.

I took a Vicodin and just tried to endure the pain until it kicked in. Between the Vicodin and the intense pain, I threw up. I threw up so hard I peed myself. I was already on the toilet, so it wasn't so bad. Almost immediately after this, blood clots began to come out and the pain subsided. I don't know if it was the medicine, or the worst was just finally over.

I think I saw the fetus as a pouch of tissue, but I'm not sure. I passed more clots and finally was able to rest. I slept and woke up every few hours to pass more clots. They've been getting smaller and smaller.

I feel back to myself today. I don't feel constant nausea and I feel like my appetite is evening out again. I'm relieved to get back to myself and catch up on my school work. I'm not feeling much sadness anymore, but I won't forget how I felt that day.

I'm sorry this story is so long, but all the information you're given during the process is vague and I wish that I had found this site beforehand so I knew what kinds of things to expect.

Editor's comment

I think that sometimes your head makes a decision which is the best option for your circumstances, but there can be conflict in your heart sometimes with emotions, values or instincts that are hard to reconcile. If you need post-abortion help or support it is available through pregnancy choices.

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