I knew that at this point in my life I wasn't ready so scheduled a medical abortion

By anonymous on 07/04/2015
medical abortion abortion 6 weeks

Hello, I had a medical abortion 2 weeks ago. I was 6 weeks pregnant and am finishing up my graduate degree. I'm in a supportive relationship and have a supportive family; however, I knew that at this point in my life I was not ready. So I scheduled the medical abortion and followed the proper protocol.

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After the first pill, I was fine- 24 hours later I did have bleeding- then 30 minutes before I took the 4 tabs of misoprostol, I took 800mg of ibuprofen. I then took the 4 tabs of miso 30 minutes after the ibuprofen. I stayed well hydrated throughout the entire process and also had pretzels and made sure that my stomach wasn't empty as this definitely helped with nausea.

I have to admit, I, fortunately, had a good experience with this... Cramps came on approx. 2 hours after taking the miso and then the bleeding started. I had several clots.

I was fine the next day and went about my daily duties.

I started the procedure Thursday night, took the miso on Friday night and made sure I hung low on Saturday and Sunday so I'd be in good shape for work on Monday. I was back to my normal self by Saturday!

I just had my ultrasound confirming that everything went well. I feel relieved. I still do have bleeding but was aware of this so I'm okay with it...

I think if you know what to expect and are prepared for this process you will be fine. Good luck to all of you who go through this process.

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