I was shocked I was pregnant as I'd been on birth control for several months after the birth of my daughter

By Lucy on 05/06/2015
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I remember the day I found out I was pregnant... I was shocked. I've been on birth control for the past several months after having my daughter 8 months ago. I told my boyfriend and of course, he was shocked as well.

We both knew we weren't ready for another child financial wise, plus I couldn't imagine having two very small children at the same time. I called planned parenthood the very next day, I was so nervous they would be secretly judging me.

The lady on the phone was very nice and just straight to the point. I had my appointment booked for exactly a week. I didn't even want to wait the full week, I just wanted it over with...

A week went by of me thinking what if I'm making the wrong decision? But deep down I know I needed to go through with it.

The day had come and my boyfriend entered the building with me and our daughter. I went to the front desk to check in. The building was very calm and quiet. The staff were incredibly sweet.

They called me back about 15 minutes later to fill out some paper work.

The nurse got my weight and height and we entered the room for my ultrasound. I was 8 weeks. I felt so relieved I wasn't very far along.

She did a few tests then sent me out to another nurse that was going to give me a few pills to ease the anxiety (vicodin, xanex) I declined though since I was still breastfeeding my daughter. Then she took me back to the room where the surgical abortion would take place and I got into my gown.

I was so nervous. 3 doctors came in with a nurse. They were very, very sweet and told me what was going to happen. I lay down and put the heating pad on my belly, it helped a ton. They numbed my cervix and began the procedure.

I felt some cramps but I just breathed through them, they were very talkative and helped take my mind off of what was going on. In a matter of 10 minutes, it was all over!

I would say on a scale of 1-10 the pain was a 4. It went very fast. It was all over and I felt many emotions but mostly I felt relieved. I got dressed and waited in the recovery room with a heating pad and had a snack. They monitored me for 15 minutes then I was allowed to go home.

It's been two weeks since it happened and I've only had minor cramps. I know I made the right decision and I still don't regret it.

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