I contemplated for weeks before having a surgical abortion at 16 weeks

By anonymous on 05/06/2015
surgical abortion abortion 16 weeks

Yesteday i got a surgical abortion [more stories about surgical abortion»], and decided to share my story to help some one else out.

I contemplated for weeks on rather or not I should do It. I am 19 years old and I already have a baby that is only 1 years old. I can give you many reasons why I felt getting a abortion was right for me. Making a list of pros and cons can also better help you decide rather you want to proceed with the procedure or not.

I was always the type of person that didn't really agree with abortion, I didn't hate or dislike people for doing it but I felt abortion was only okay if you had been raped or if the doctor told you that you weren't physically able to have the baby. I felt like to each its own. Honestly It took me to go through the situation to realize its not that bad.

In the weeks to come of me getting the abortion I had been searching about it almost every minute on Google.

Once I got to the doctor office, I had to take about 10 different pills, and get an IV put In me, then I was placed in a sitting room with one other young lady, next thing I know the pills started kicking in and I started blanking in and out, for the most part I was sleep.

I didn't feel a thing, I don't even remember getting the procedure done. Afterwards you just feel tired, I haven't been experiencing cramps or heavy bleeding, I feel just fine. At the worst it feels like your on your menstrual cycle.

I do not regret my decision and I do not feel depressed. I do sometimes wonder if it would of been a girl or boy but that's something that you may always think about, I know that it's something I couldn't handle so I don't feel bad.

If you are a Christian like me, then you'll know, no sin is worse than another sin, they are all equal. As long as you ask God to forgive you and help you forgive yourself then there's no need to beat your self up. You getting a abortion will not determine rather you go to hell or heaven.

Moreover the abortion was pain free and I haven't had any side affects. Mind you I was 16 1/2 weeks, although the earlier you go, the better. If you still don't feel comfortable, you can try the alternative which is taking a "abortion pill" but you must be less than 8 weeks!

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