I decided to terminate my pregnancy and wanted to know exactly what would happen

By anonymous on 15/06/2015
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I wanted to tell my story as when I was looking online I really wanted to know exactly what was going to happen after I had decided to terminate my pregnancy from beginning to end, for me the unknown was one of the scariest elements.

We had decided that we weren't ready to have a baby and I didn't want to use my local doctors and wanted the whole thing to be as simple and stress-free as possible and so I decided to to go private.

I emailed Spire and asked for a quote for a medical abortion as I was pretty sure I was under 9 weeks, and got an almost instant response explaining prices, options and availability for an appointment (for a few days later). I emailed back, gave them my details and it was booked, I found this very efficient and a lot less stressful than calling [read other accounts of medical abortion and abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy].

The first appointment

We arrived at the hospital and I filled out a pretty standard health form and they swiped my debit card. I met with a lovely nurse who was going to be the lady I dealt with all the way through and then we went to meet the doctor, we talked about why we had chosen to have an abortion and then went through our options depending on the length of the pregnancy.

I filled out more paperwork and then I had a scan (very similar to a smear test, short and not painful) so they can see exactly how pregnant you are and that everything is in order. Then we talked about what was going to happen from start to finish with the medical abortion (as I was under 9 weeks).

Once this bit was over I saw another doctor very briefly who had to sign off on the abortion (to make sure I was sane etc) I had my bloods taken by the nurse and we arranged to come back 2 days later for the first pill and 4 days later for the second pill and I paid the first half of a £800 bill (it lasted about an hour).

2nd appointment

I arrived and saw my nurse again. I had to have a vitamin d shot as I'm Rhesus negative. I took a few pills (to stop the pregnancy, pain relief and antibiotics) all orally and signed more paperwork. This lasted about 15 mins and then they ask that you sit in the waiting room for an hour to make sure u feel ok (also paid the rest of my bill).

I am hyper aware and after a few hours I knew that I was no longer pregnant I had only been 6 weeks but I had been nauseous for 3 weeks, my back and breasts hurt, I peed all the time, I was exhausted and suffered from headaches.

These symptoms didn't just stop, my breasts took a week to stop hurting but I just knew I wasn't pregnant anymore. I didn't bleed, I just had a few twinges of period pains.

The nurse called that night to check on me which was nice, they recommend you aren't on your own for the first 12 hours.

3rd appointment

I took 1 pill orally, more pain relief and had 3 pills inserted inside me by the nurse (my vagina) - this took about 20 mins and again they ask you to stay, only 30 mins this time.

I felt it coming like period cramps after about 20 mins, and then for the next 4 and a half hours, I had constant menstrual cramps and very heavy/clotted bleeding.

It was very painful and didn't seem to let up but once the initial 4 hours was over it just became a heavy period. I took 1 more abortion pill and painkillers, and the nurse called the next morning to check I was ok and had bled.

This is the bit that really varies from person to person. I don't have heavy periods and so it was a lot for me on the first day but after that it was fine. I bled heavily for 4 days like the Dr and nurse thought then it slowed down for 3. It stopped for 3 and then the bleeding came back like a normal period then stopped after 5 days completely. Some people bleed for 3 weeks solid, for some, it's over in a week, mine was done in 2 and a half weeks but did stop and start.

I wasn't used to clots either - they feel weird and even weirder when they come out.

4th appointment

Around 2 weeks after the abortion pill is taken, I had an appointment with the Dr and nurse that lasted about 20 mins. I was still bleeding which stressed me out but the Dr and nurse were un-phased and said it was to be expected.

We had a chat about how I was feeling, then another internal scan (like the first) to check it was all clear and that was that. I asked when I might come on my period and he gave me a round about date and that was that.

If this sounds like it was nothing to me, it really wasn't. It's something I never saw myself doing but these things happen and I wanted to submit this to help put people's minds at rest once they had decided to have an abortion, what to expect in as much detail as possible.

I have not chosen to write about how this affected me mentally although I am doing fine, I have a supportive husband and close friend (I only told 2 people).

I hope this helps.

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