This website helped me out a lot as reading other peoples abortion stories comforted me

By anonymous on 16/06/2015
surgical abortion

I'm 17 and had a surgical abortion a few weeks ago

I'm 17 and had a surgical abortion a few weeks ago now, I was beyond terrified but now I don't know what for. [Read more stories involving surgical abortion»]

As soon as I found out I knew exactly what I was going to do. Me and my boyfriend did not plan for this to happen and are both hoping to go to university so it would have completely changed our lives around, plus I am not financially stable enough to look after my self, let alone a child and I don't believe it's fair to bring a child into this world if you know you can't look after them.

So as soon as I found out I was transferred to the hospital who looked after me so well and treated me lovely. They understood where I was coming from and made me understand fully what was going to be happening to me.

It's important to discuss it with someone not from the hospital or clinic

From my first appointment where they do the scan, take blood and have a talk with you I had to wait three weeks for the procedure. I could never talk to my mum or family about something like this but thankfully had my caring friend and boyfriend to talk to all the way and it's important that you have somebody to discuss it with who's not just the hospital or the clinic.

On the day I had to be there for 8 and was not allowed to eat or drink from 12 o'clock the previous night/morning. I was shown to my room where I got to take my friend in, my boyfriend waited in the waiting room and they took it in turns to swap.

I then got a few people in to talk to me like the nurse and the doctor who will be putting me asleep etc.

I was given two tablets to insert in myself which I was also scared for but it was fine, they soften the cervix so that it's less of a risk for damage when you're in the operation.

Then I waited, it felt like hours, and when they finally called me I was a bag of nerves, walking to the theatre with my pillow in my hand.

As soon as it was time to get put asleep I was nearly shaking but as soon as it was done I couldn't even count to 5 before I was asleep.

Then I woke up in recovery, forgot exactly where I was and remembered. When I saw the nurse she asked if I wanted any water and I have never drunk something so fast. After an hour I got discharged and went for something to eat with my friend and boyfriend.

I've finally stopped bleeding as it's been 2 weeks since and I'm happy and healthy. Obviously, I always wonder what he or she would have looked like etc. but I knew I wasn't ready as I believe I'm only a child myself but it is normal to be upset or feel a range of emotions, just make sure it's what you want to do.

Reading stories comforted me

This website helped me out a lot as reading other peoples story's comforted me, therefore I thought id give back. I hope you are happy with your decisions, don't worry and be calm is my best advice. 

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