I'm 21 and not emotionally ready for a child by KK

Today I'm 21 years old and I have fallen pregnant with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years who was told that it would be very hard for him to ever have children. So when I found out the test was positive I was in shock.

I immediately cried and didn't know what to feel. Up until 8 weeks I contemplated whether or not I wanted to continue or terminate.

I finally broke down and knew that I was not emotionally ready for a child.

But to get to the point today I had a surgical abortion. And let me say it was not as bad as I expected.

Before going in I read all 50 something pages of this site that had me so nervous the day before my scheduled appointment.

If you are terrified of pain like I am you have nothing to worry about.

I was given Ibuprofen and valium pills and the two pills under my tongue to soften the cervix.

30minutes later I was in the room for the procedure. The dr was very straight forward and he explained the procedure.

I would say there was no pain more of a discomfort. 1-10 being the most uncomfortable I would say it was a 5 - 5½. I have some mild bleeding right now but absolutely no pain.

KK sent this story in on 26/06/2015

Editor's comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a surgical abortion.

Having sedation and pain relief helps with this procedure, although some women opt to have it done without sedation which can be more painful and you are more aware of what is happening to you.

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